Who are the Halo friends?

So I’m getting a Platinum Halo soon. :slight_smile:
Who are her friends? Savage, Hivemind, Platinum Baron but she gotta work well with other as well, right?
What about Mauler? Thinking about his Platinum skill that damages all disoriented enemies, does this trigger Halo’s Platinum flashes? Any other good matchups? Wesson (Silver + Gold thing)?

I like to play her with Maven. Her gold let’s Halos plat go off. It adds up to ~120k passive damage at 10* plat in 8 seconds.

Ghoul should work great too. If his Molotovcocktail spreads (which can infect the whole team) the opponent is often done without halo and for sure with her.

Wesson should work to, even better if he’s gold, since you always have some opponent standing in the fire.

Just got her to Platinum and tried a few combinations.
Ifrit (Showtime) + Mauler (Discombobulate) + Halo is a sick combo if all three of them just can stay alive until Showtime is activated.

Will try Wesson, Maven and Ghoul also.

He’s a trash hero but Halo works really well with a gold Surge as well if he sticks around long enough to get off Gravity Well and Graviton Surge. Both those skills essentially just turn into lightning factories on a target that can’t get away from it.

Cool. I have a 8* Platinum Surge that I really can’t find any use for. There’s a gap in stars between my Halo and Surge but I’ll try to match them and see what happens.

Scum is better than maven, his bronze stacks more dots and his higher health and self healing makw him a safer pick.

Baron plat doesnt trigger halos plat anymore, but hes still got amazing synergy with her between his bronze and their golds.

Mu Scum is just 5* while Maven is 8*. So Maven is better. But Scum would be a better matchup due to the lesser gap to Halo’s 6*. I’ll try Scum. Been liking him a lot, wish I had him higher starred.