Best offensive hero?

Can someone tell me who is a good hero for offense. My current team is 1)Moss(Healer) 2)Butter(Shields) 3)Callidius(Heal blocking). I need 2 more heroes that are superb at offense, maybe crack the enemy Shields. Can anyone suggest some heroes as well as a better team than above. All my heroes are at silver and 3 stars.

At silver three star it doesn’t matter that much.

If you want to follow the meta: Panzer if you have her and Dogface. Ad Nightingale as instead of Callidius and it will get you a long way.

My real recommendation level slowly pvp is more fun that way. Just bring all your heroes up at the same time and fool around.

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I have Dogface. Also I noticed that Dogface’s Heavy Cal and Fire at Will together can deal explosive damage. I don’t have panzer tho. I chose Callidius because she can heal block the whole enemy team. Was that wrong??

Callidius isn’t very good for PVE or PVP. The heal block is ok, but overall she doesn’t do much else on a team. There are far better options, especially for PVP.

For PVE Dogface is better DPS than Panzer imo, unless it’s a mission where each stage only last a short amount of time or there are lots of enemies. In PVP Panzer is better because of her immediate burst damage at the start of a match, higher higher hp/armor, and her huge damage bonus vs energy heroes. She can usually make a match 5vs4 in the first 10 seconds of a match starting.

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Take Dogface, he’s the most Universal damage dealer there is and easy to get.

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Dogface wasn’t very effective in PvP matches. He is good at PvE tho. He’s at 3 stars. Should I evolve him more?? Also where should I invest my universal fragments?

How will Nightingale help my team tho??

Night gets her heals faster than anyone else in the game. Also you should learn doggo combos, mainly using his ext. mag first then his heavy cal (because it give a free reload on his ext. mag).

I use them both together. Dogface shoots like a beast that way. Is using 1 skill also effective? Gonna try that too. Thanks. Also where do I invest my universal fragments pls??

I love Moss (my favorite hero in the entire game) but he probably could use a secondary healer buddy, due to his difficulty in healing himself as well as the slow charge on his massive heal. Good options that are typically picked are: Nightingale (fastest heals in the game), or a Gold Caine. Other good options are Gold Halo or a Gold Keel.

for DPS, it really depends on what style of play you really like:

The most popular DPS options are:

  • Panzer (her initial/early game burst is awesome, but her damage is very spikey… she does lots of damage, then does not much for a time, then goes back to doing lots of damage)
  • Dogface If you combo his Bronze and Silver together, then you get an amazing period of high damage… but outside his combo his damage is OKAY.

Other popular options are:

  • Odachi One of the most solid “hard hitting” BioChems, his gun does solid damage, his melee attack is good too… especially vs low health enemies, and his caltrops make people sitting ducks.
  • Phoenix Lot’s of people are discovering the pleasure of Phoenix (she’s been my go-to Biochem “unknown high DPS” characters for at least 3 months now, and this past month others have been picking her up)

Other less popular but very viable options:

  • Clyde the Oct update has been VERY good to Clyde… he’s still the penultimate Glass Cannon (lower health is his weakness) but his damage is much more consistent now, and his quickdraw actually has more control if you set him up properly (the right team comps can truly unlock this hero’s potential)

  • Ghoul Sept’s buff of Ghoul has made him surprisingly high damage, and very spammy with his zone control abilities of leaving “proximity miens” all over the place and lighting the ground on fire.

  • Wesson Does some great damage (my Wesson out performs my Panzer a good 50% of the time), especially if you take multiple UAF or UAF Airborne heroes (this should be your most owned factions, due to the initial 3 being part of this group)

  • Hardscope Does really good damage, especially if you can get headshots… and his RPG hits really hard… and does splash damage… plus he has a Drone healy buddy as bonus!

  • Sapphyr With her recent upgrade, I’ve had some good results with Sapphyr of the past week in PvP, however she has the one main downside that Panzer + Dogface are the most popular DPS picks… thus she has a big elemental disadvantage there. (but her Heal Block is glorious sometimes)

  • Heckler less damage than others on this list… but his disruption ability more than makes up for this.

  • Mauler Same as Heckler… lower DPS but disruption through the roof (for a DPS hero)

  • Sentry Similar to Mauler and Heckler, but his damage is higher, but his health is a bit lower.

  • Prophet Always a nice sniper… if you can unlock him

  • Artemis Gives Clyde a Run for his money, in terms of being a “Glass Cannon”… if you’re a great sniper player… and can protect her… she can lay down some great damage.

Rygel’s Silly picks"

  • Caine Caine doesn’t do as much damage (since he’s a support primary hero) but if you are adept at getting Headshots with him, he can be your only Mech on the team and you’ll do decently.
  • Moss Same as Caine… doesn’t do as much damage as a Damage primary hero… but his headshots hit like a truck (I’m guessing Moss’ attack damage is the best healer/support character’s attacks in the game… with MAYBE Brogan’s damage being better… but haven’t tested Brogan out enough for that)
  • Bolt this guy’s a pocket pick, (discount Clyde who’s fun to snipe with) not numerically as strong as other on this list… but is fun to play.

What? I stopped leveling Clyde up thinking he was too dumb. Im gonna get him up again… And thanks for the list. Gonna try these too.