Heimlock origin

So today I watched an episode of a show called iZombie where someone was killed with hemlock, a poisonous plant.
So I kinda thought, what if Heimlock is actually a play on the word Hemlock and he was disgraced because he poisoned certain patients for money, therefore being an assassin.

Obviously this is a theory on what happened before Heimlock joined the Morlocks but I think it’s a pretty close theory.


Good research. He is indeed a doctor that kills. We should have backgrounds for characters. Like community made ones. Would be awesome!


Poisonous drinks are made of that plant. Heimlock does have a power drink skill, and he is designated a combat medic in the game. It looks like he used his knowledge and skills and put them to good use for his questionable faction, Morlocks. He has chosen to be with the anarchists and rebels.


Exactly my thoughts, maybe my theory isn’t so wrong after all.

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