Healthcare, Shields, and Mind Control

Mass Ramblings.

What’s it like being a healer in the HH world? Is there no need for hospitals since people like Heimlock, Operator, and Nightngale can heal you if you get hurt or sick? I would hope the they charge money.

Can you go to the restroom or take a shower with Phalanx, Kobold, or Butter’s shield on?

Razorback and Butter make you target them… isn’t this a form of mind control. Would I even feel or notice the urge to purge?

Would your armor feel less thicker under Dogface? Maybe feel a little less or even naked.

Cross’s slow heal… I think that would make me feel happy and sleepy.

Can Astrix play music just for fun or just violence?

Moss sacs his health to heal, he always feels like trash I would assume.

We should just mass produce Heckler & Clyde aka Droid Army.

Matador and Oro look like they take roids… honestly, if Matador can jump that high and punch a giant mech he might as well be able to lift and throw tanks.


I mean Siren is the one who does music, but for real tho these are the questions we need answers to.



Imagine with phalanx’s shields on you only eat half of your food that you put in your mouth XD
Also a heckler and clyde army sounds legit imagine an army with hecklers and Clyde’s spraying bullets everywhere

It could be a community clash submission tbh

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Not enough enemies we need hundreds XD

I too have questions about Hero Hunters:

Why do some Heroes use names while others use a callsign. Is Butter just a nickname or his given name?

Why tattoo “Eat your food”?

If the Morlocks are anarchists, why is Razorback the king? Why does he carry that mattress around?

The apocalyse has been going on for awhile now, how is Savage maintaining his size? What has he been eating?

Is kurtz the evil-ish badguy because hes missing half of his skull? Or is he missing half his skull because hes the evil-ish badguy?

What does the “Y” in C.L.Y.D.E stand for? Is there a B.O.N.N.I.E? Do robots not deserve love?

Will Beck ever use those SMGs on her back? Is Peck Beck canon?

How has Cinder not horrifically burned herself playing with fire while wearing only a skintight overalls-onesie?

Was Heimlock ever actually a doctor?

What kind of society puts Shivs and Shank into the same prison?

Did Surge know he was gonna be going out fighting when he got dressed in the morning? Does he just casually wear the gravity tech all the time?

Its been established that Chesterfield is a remote controlled hunter who hunts people. Wtf, but also who is controlling the robot?

If the UAF airborne are like the Navy Seals, why did Wesson only send like 2 helicopters of regular UAF grunts instead of someone more qualified.

What IS heronium? Can i smoke it? Can i use it in a sentence?

Are Xianjius clones real clay golems or some kinda hologram?

Between Siren and Maven, which sister is older?

Are Hivemind drones sentient? Are the holograms and drones aware of their existence? Why do they run away from people who shoot them, do they feel pain?

If prophet is supposed to be super elusive, why is there so much graffiti about him?

Is there another mask under Bucket/Kobold/Ghoul’s mask?

Theres way too many redheads compared to all the other hair colours. Are gingers immune to the deadly effects of heronium? Are they getting their hair dyed?

What actually happened to Ghouls dog? Why does he carry that picture around?

Are there regular human legs under 4cep’s pants?

How does, and with which process, does Galante create coffee from the bones of his victims?


This topic.

I also have a question:

Did Heronium make everyone hate and fight each other forever? How many times have the heroes actually died and been revived?

Are they tormented to fight, die, and be revived for all eternity? When does the simulation collapse? Is Min behind everything?!


I also have a question…

Why is the game called Hero Hunter? Are all characters heroes? Why there’s an enemy that is a hero while there’s a hero that is an enemy? Are all heroes hunter or are all heroes being hunted?