Morlocks VS. Teraventa

Hey guys,
I was thinking and I feel like the Morlocks and the Teraventa are close in similarity. I think it would be pretty awesome if we could have a faction fight between the two.

I feel like the Morlocks faction would win only because they have a more diverse amount of characters, but Teraventa is right behind them.

Does anyone else agree?
Like I really want to see the two factions go at it
Lol :joy:


Potentially, but Terraventa is an exclusive faction made up of special-event heroes. Not as useful or inclusive for newer players.

Personally I would like to see a brand new faction (based in the HH universe) be introduced.

@Vintermyst how cool would it be for there to be like a stealth, black op, secret agent faction?

Make shadow trooper looking characters from the starwars universe, or some noob sibot looking dude from Mortal combat.

Just in general a “secret unkown” faction full of high tech black op stealth characters.

well…surely there is an alliance that has been pulling the strings all this time.

maybe we’ve already met them and didn’t notice.

who knows?

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Lmao

And you know huh :joy:

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So what exactly is a hero collaborator?

——> Announcing our Community Hero Collaborators!

——> Hero Spotlight: Alcatraz

Interesting. So they create the ideas for new characters or make/program them?

From what I understand, they named a “work in progress” hero, and then created the backstory for them. Nothing else.

Okay, interesting. Wanna play a game @J_A_D_O ?


Also: Hero Spotlight: Marlowe


People only like Alcatraz. Best bounty hero.

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Hey with Slurp being a Morlock you might just get your wish

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