Help w support

what do you do if support doesn’t respond to you? it’s been weeks, is there any other way to get help with an issue? my claim just sits there with no response or even closing the ticket.
if i were to have issue with spending money how would i contact customer service? i’m a vip15 player since the day this game was released and been a loyal customer, seems odd they would treat me like this?

I feel like this is a bad time to bring this up, since the devs won’t start working until the weekend is over. Bring this topic back up on Monday and try your luck then. You could always try DMing them here or on discord, but I would not handle the matter publicly. Just keep it classy between them, don’t give them any more reason to ignore you.


ok thanks man, just seems odd customer support is a privilege. but i’ll try again monday, just wondering if that’s the only recourse for help with any issues i have. thanks for the help i’ll try to msg a dev on discord