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Customer support for this game is woefully inadequate. They stonewall you on every issue of any relevance to the player. Cancerous drop rates for gear? Sorry, can’t help. “Improved” PvP matchmaking consistently matching against opponents 7k power rating above you? Sorry, can’t help. Game mechanics unclear? Sorry, can’t help.

It seems to me the job of support is to support. They don’t. Besides these forums, and the rare sighting of a developer in-game, support is the only way to even attempt to reach the company. When one of those avenues of communication (this one) feels like pissing in the wind, and the other (customer support) feels like banging your head against a wall, the frustration level goes up dramatically and unnecessarily. Be better to your customers and they will be better to you. You want money? Show us you give a damn.

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Support is mostly for technical and account-related issues. Feel free to ask any gameplay questions here! The other developers often frequent the forums, and might be able to give you an answer!

If you received a negative reply from support, it might be due to the way you approached them. Try asking whatever questions you had here, in a positive, calm manner, and a developer might be able to answer. If it’s account-related, definitely see Support. If it’s a question of gameplay or balance, or direction of the product, that’s something to ask here. I can’t guarantee you’ll get the answer you want, but the first step is a calm, concise question.



Do I strike you as someone who didn’t try being calm and polite? It doesn’t produce results. Nothing does, is my point. From copy+paste, patronizing responses to ignorance - real or feigned - of the game they are meant to be providing support for, they are an inadequate resource.
Being unable to answer even basic gameplay questions like “what is the percentage stun chance for Nightingale’s ‘chance to stun’ mechanic?” is unacceptable. The answer is readily available, they need but ask the developer, but they don’t.
Worse still is the ubiquitous and utterly meaningless “we’ll pass that on to the developer” only to never hear about the issue again and watch it go unresolved. If I wanted to be patronized I’d invite a bunch of teenagers to show me disrespect for fun; I don’t need that from a company I’m invested in.

Yes, you do strike me as someone who didn’t try being polite.
Right off the bat, you make a bunch of character attacks and accusations in your post with little to no evidence to back them up. That is not polite, that is rude. The title of your post is accusatory and rude. And then your response to Muninn is even more rude.


Gold not delivered promptly after the purchase. This has happened to 4 times in a month.

Sure, support will deliver 2-3 days later but you would expect better service for the amount that you are paying.

During my second to forth time contacting support, I tried to ask how we could fixed this next time cos I would like to know for sure that I could get the items promptly before making future purchases. To my slight disappointment, I always get the default template answer to collect my items in the inbox.

I understand that the issue is technical and it doesn’t happen all the time… but It just doesn’t make sense that I have to go through the hassle of contacting support so often to collect the items I have purchased. After all, in this stamina / limited offer based game, time is money right?

I am only writing this here because I genuinely want to understand the issue behind this query.
I also made sure my connection was good before making purchases. Anyone experienced similar issues before? Would like to know your thoughts

Your opinion on this is fascinating but irrelevant. I am reduced to posting here because my support petitions have been so fruitless. You missed several hundred days of them disappointing me so it is only natural that your understanding - or lack thereof - doesn’t support the tone of my message.

Most of the issues you have stated have been a topic of discussion on these forums and the games discord server. Issues like your experience with drop-rates or matchmaking is not really something customer support can do beyond saying they appreciate your feedback. That’s why the game has created outlets for the players such as these forums, a Reddit page, and a discord page where you can directly talk to some of the devs or other players about your experiences.

Personally, I’ve only used the customer support in-game for reporting Solo issues I’m having that are not effecting anyone’s game play except my own or reporting bugs that have happened while playing. If I see an issue with matchmaking,connection, or something weird going on with the game I’m much more likely to come check here or the discord to see if there is already an ongoing discussion about it.

You may not come on these forums quite that often as I have, but numerous issues have been resolved and also ideas have been implemented because of user created topics here. If you ever feel like you’re getting frustrated with something within the game, there is a whole player base you can talk to that more often then not can help explain/fix the issue for you without the involvement of devs or customer support.


If you contacted support to get better drop rates and PvP matchmaking you’re clearly having unrealistic expectations on what the customer service can help you with.
I think CS is doing a good job. :slight_smile:

Don’t be ridiculous - of course I didn’t. I contacted them for information which they failed to provide and to relay information which is - as I said in my original post - like pissing into the wind.

What is the percentage stun chance for Nightingale’s ‘chance to stun’ mechanic?

It is 15%

They are not cancerous, the progress even got improved.
Since this is a build up game using higher drop rates would counterpart the business model and the gemeplay experience.

You may use an unbalanced team? Without knowing anything about your team composition there can not be given a definite answer.

A game is an exploration, explore yourself for the best experience. If you have explored the game for several hundreds of days and still didn’t find out about everything you should be glad since you can keep exploring.

With best regards,

(self proclaimed head of forum service)


I’m done exploring; I want answers. More specifically I want better, more consistent, and more transparent communication between HH and the players. Remember when bounties were suddenly 40 seconds long? Also where did you get the 15% figure? If it was readily available, why not tell us in the first place? If it wasn’t - why not? Is it a static 15% or is it dynamic based on certain parameters? Is someone who stuns you consistently exploiting? All fun questions.

As for drop rates and business models, don’t conflate profit margins with a successful business model. When you are agravating your player base by having them dump tons of (already arbitrarily limited) stamina into the abyss of exponential upgrade tiers and then coming up empty your business model - ‘game’ - feels like business model - ‘RNG.’ This is before we talk about de-valuing real money by having “chance to win” loot boxes further divided by number of frags rewarded.

How about when you hit the in-game ‘feedback’ button and then they respond a week later to tell you that is not the right avenue for feedback? Really? The button marked ‘feedback’ is not for feedback? Spectacular.

Returning to the original point: most of this would be fine if queries didn’t consistently get stonewalled by “support” on even the most basic issues.

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Yes I do. But I also remember how people commented about their dislike in the forums and discord and how they changed it for the most recent bounty. Not only that, they gave us an idea of what they were changing before they did and have tried to be more transparent about changes (example - replacing Matador with Steele in pvp store)

unless im missing something, I assume this is what we are referring to? It states 15%, but maybe that doesnt show on your device or language properly. If so, then that IS a good reason to reach out to customer service/support for correction.

Before they changed how drop rates worked, people werent happy with drop rates and the heavy need for items (takes too long to platinum heroes). They heard the frustration. The new model called for less items needed, but doubled down on the lower drop rates. Its about the same there, but the benefit is the stores. The black market, gauntlet, alliance, and heronium equipment now holds more meaning. Before buying 5 gold throwing stars was just a small dent in 1 upgrade (5/20). Now it handles almost all the throwing stars you need for that upgrade (5/6). The devs are ALWAYS seeking a win-win here. Make the player experience better while still keeping their profit margins. And while you cant totally combine the 2, they do have to be symbiotic. I’m sure the devs recognize that and are trying to make it work.

Questions for you on the flip: Remember when you never bought items in the black market or even considered buying items that cost gold? Remember when you never even used the ‘summon’ button in bounties? I do. IMO the devs are doing better at taking these seemingly useless items and providing worth to us as well as keeping in game currency flowing. Win-win.

But the most important thing to remember - there is a difference between the glitches you encounter and the experience you have when playing. Glitches are where support comes in. Bad player experiences are where you report feedback here, discord, and social media. I have not used the feedback button ingame so if its there and the experience with it is lackluster, then you have a point. I always find the forums to be a better way to interact with others and make my voice known to devs.


I am not indifferent to their intentions but the bounty changes means the entire event is now pay-2-win; buy bucks with gold or you will run out of spawns. Not fun. Especially with two back-to-back bounty weeks coming up.

When your intentions are good (which I would like to believe) you should also be willing to fix unintended or unforeseen consequences.

As for the 15% on Gale’s stun, my question is whether it is a static 15% RNGed every time you hit something or does it count misses, is it effected by other factors? But specifically, when someone is able to stun-lock (every shot stuns) I don’t want to hear “please send us a screenshot or video” from support as though I record all of my hundreds of PvP matches a week or I can choose to fight that person again.

The item requirements being lowered had positive effects (especially for people with stuff banked) but burning 200+ stamina and getting zero (0) items is a bad experience and is not even gameplay (if you are using quick wins, and you probably are if you are farming plat gear)

If they want the drop rates to be this horrible. Require only 1 item - not 14 - acknowledging the numbers are arbitrary anyway.

I can’t wait to see if you are right about feedback here being effective at soliciting a developer response driving and/or positive change. Here I am hoping you are right.

I think all agree on bounty - the bucks needed was over the top. This also seems to have gotten better in the last bounty thought right? I know I certainly felt less inclined to hit the summon button. It definitely needed a tweak, but bounties are in a good place now. I think they learned their lesson about making sweeping changes without notifying us though.

Ah ok - now we are getting a clear understanding of your questioning with Gale. The wording ‘attack’ leads me to believe that it includes misses, but it should be clarified. I too agree that I get stunned more often then I think is normal. Maybe its multiple sources from the enemy that are stunning, but it definitely seems like more than 15% from her. Might either be a bug or an exploit.

Drop rates for me hasn’t been much of a problem so its harder for me to relate. I have been happy with my experience as I am often able to farm hard mode frags 75% of the day and only spend about 25% getting items needed to plat all my guys for the upcoming hero event. But thats probably dependent on everyones goals.

This is a very odd response, seeing as bounty events are team based. If your alliance is dependant on you solely spawning all of your bounties with bucks, you may look into a new alliance.

It is a flat 15% every time she shoots, hit or miss. It does not stack or deplete.

I’ve had really decent outcome/return on burning quick wins one at a time versus using the quick win all feature (which also spawns more bounties :wink:).

Simply not constructive. The game takes time and patience - as with any stamina/energy based game you will play. You cannot expect to go into a game such as HH and max on day one. Sure, money helps, but is not necessary as I’ve seen many with the same amount of time in as me and less spent around the same power level; if not higher.

In the end, negative responses can sometimes give good criticism and feedback. But personally attacking customer support because of their lack of knowledge on game coding is ludicrous. I wouldn’t call a pizza shop to have my toilets unclogged.

Yes, absolutely. You come across as incredibly entitled, combative, and indignant. If your messages reaching out to support carried any bit of the tone you have in your forum posts, then I agree wholeheartedly in their avoiding you.

If you aren’t upgrading heroes at least twice as fast as before the drop rate changes, then that is YOUR fault for not taking advantage of what the game is offering you. Buy gear frags from stores and use your gems intelligently rather than moaning about it. Every experienced player I’ve seen on the forums loves the changes to drop rates and anyone who doesn’t is failing to understand the new system.

Most of what you’re asking support doesn’t seem to be technical support-related anyway? Like Muninn said already, you need to direct your communication to the proper channels. Complaining about drop rates has nothing to do with in-game support. There is Discord and the forums for that and it’s been brought up dozens of times already.

See my above point. If I go to a grocery store and ask how to wire up a TV, they’re gonna stare blankly at me right? You can’t complain about not getting answers when you’re the one asking the wrong people.

What? Have you never read the forums before? There are countless times when devs have responded to forum requests/complaints in a very positive way. It has driven a tremendous amount of change in the game.

Your post and responses come across like a petulant child whining about their allowance. A big part of the game is about exploring mechanics and finding things out empirically. If you’re “done” with that part of the game, then maybe you’re missing the point of the game? You wouldn’t go into a soccer game and complain about not being able to use your hands. That’s just not how the game works. Either play the game how it’s meant to be played or find a new one that matches the experience you’re looking for.


Super-agree. 1 item = everyone would have maxed out rosters. Very bad for the health of the game and boring for us to not have anything to actually progress on.


It’s always fun to see the ‘yes’ men come out to voice their opinions. Particularly you the ones who have the exact same tone they accuse me of having, minus the actual grievances it’s based on. Classic.

There’s an old quote that goes something along the lines of “If you met an asshole today, you met an asshole. If everyone you met was an asshole, then it’s you who’s the asshole.”

Maybe since everyone seems to disagree with you, its your opinion that’s flawed? Not that I expect any level of self-reflection based on your replies.


While I appreciate the discussion – and the support, for myself and the support department – I need to remind everyone to follow the forum guidelines. There’s a fine line between criticizing a problem, and attacking a person.

Thanks guys!