Here's a Hero idea: a Defense Architect

Guys please, I spent days on this mspaint. Jokes aside, here’s a simple idea I wanted to share for a while. Take a swig every time the word “cover” appears in this post.


Trenchy, the Defense Architect

A protection engineer. Trades offensive capabilities to repair, maintain, and improve cover across the battlefield.

Bronze: Cover Up!

This Hero activates a barrier that serves as both a “cover for cover” and as an emergency form of cover. This Hero essentially creates a durable shield for the piece of cover they are behind, or as a standalone “hard light” shield if the original cover was destroyed. If activated while behind cover that is not destroyed, all damage will be absorbed by the barrier first. The Cover Up! barrier will protect one Hero at a time, and has 10% more durability when used in front of existing cover. The barrier used as a standalone cover will have only 90% the durability of the original cover.

Cover Up! can be used as much as how many spots Heroes will stop to take cover.

Silver: Nanotech Reflect

This Hero upgrades a piece of cover with Nanotech Reflective Hexes, of which can reflect a small amount of oncoming damage away from the cover and any nearby Heroes. 10% of incoming damage towards the cover is reflected back to its attacker, and 5% of all incoming damage to a nearby Hero is reflected towards all enemies on the battlefield. A “nearby Hero” for this skill is defined as the Hero standing behind the upgraded cover and/or a Hero one cover space away. Up to three Heroes can share the benefits of the Nanotech.

If the cover is destroyed, all damage received is delivered as healing spread across all Heroes equally.

Gold: I’m Good!

When cover is destroyed in front of this Hero, this Hero cleans all status debuffs and gains x amount of Normal and Elemental damage resistance for a short while. During the duration of this skill, incoming attacks with status affects have a 34% chance to be ignored. The amount of damage resistance is a flat numerical value.

Platinum: Armorer One Hundred

Referencing an ancient pastime, this Hero slowly repairs broken or existing cover by 10% per second while standing behind cover. Repairs cannot be slowed by any means. Repairs can passively upgrade cover to 120% of its original durability. This skill only applies to original cover spots and not cover deployed through Cover Up! Armorer One Hundred deactivates when this Hero moves to a different cover spot.

This Hero must be crouched behind cover for one second for this skill to activate. Afterwards, this Hero can stand and return fire at will.

Your thoughts? Your pitchforks and torches?


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