Pyromaniac-based Hero

I’m hoping that in the future, the devs release a Hero resembling every KLG infantry found in the campaign. Here’s my idea for a Hero based on the Pyromaniac KLG unit:

Created with images from the HH Fan Kit and gimp.

Napalm, the Pyro-Maniacal Defect
A terrifying fire-obsessed unit. Douses enemy battlements with lethal doses of napalm while giving allies fiery boosts.

Primary Weapon - Pistol. Deals medium damage per shot and has only 8 rounds per magazine. Mechanical damage and Normal damage is split 67% Elemental and 33% Normal.

Line - Midline.

Bronze Skill - Flammable Cover: tosses a pack of flammable napalm at a piece of enemy cover. A direct hit causes both Mechanical and Normal damage if an enemy was behind the piece of cover.

The targeted cover loses 8% of its durability per second for 5 seconds. While a piece of cover is affected by Flammable Cover, enemies behind it will receive minor Mechanical damage-over-time.

Silver Skill - Deteriorating Flames: overcharges his personal flamethrower to blast a huge portion of the enemy battlements in a torrent of fire. Enemies out of cover that are caught in the blast take massive Mechanical damage and receive medium Mechanical damage-over-time. Cover that was caught in the blast lose 10% of its durability instantly and receive the Flammable Cover debuff.

If an enemy was in cover while in the flame blast, they will be Disoriented. If an enemy was out of cover, they will instead be Stunned.

Gold Skill - Incendiary Magazines: provides his allies with a minor version of Flammable Cover. The first two magazines Allies use during a wave are equipped with Incendiary Magazines. Allies deal slightly more damage to enemy cover and will also deal minor Mechanical damage on top of their normal damage.

Bio-chem Heroes do not receive the extra Mechanical damage. However, they will still receive the damage bonus to cover for their first two magazines.

Platinum Skill - Pyromaniac Protection: this Hero receives an extra 2% cover durability damage to Flammable Cover, increasing Flammable Cover’s cover damage-over-time to 10% per second. This Hero’s Debuffs last for 1 second more.

All Allies receive a minor Normal damage boost. Allied cover receives slightly less damage from enemy Mechanical damage.

Literally roast me.


Realistically, the gold would probably only be the first magazine. Your Plat is way too strong. Most plats do just one boost of damage or skill. Look at cinder for a more normalized plat power.

Not bad. I kinda like it.

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