New bio-chem hero?

During the next monthly update can we get more bio-chem heros that are more defensive? Hemlock is the only Bio-chem hero that heals and I feel like we should make it even(ish.) I came up with a possible hero idea


Bronze skill
If this skill activates when a ally is below 30% every allied hero regains XXXX health for 6 seconds, if this skill activates when no allies are below 30% then all allied heros gain XXX more attack damage

Silver skill
Lays down cover fire. Any enemy out of cover gets stunned for 5 seconds. For every stunned enemy this hero gains XXXXX health and another ally

Gold skill
If any ally takes any damage that would kill them, they instead go down to 1 health and gets a shield that absorbs #### damage, only activates once per ally per mission.

Platinum skill
This hero gains # Amour and ## critical bonus

I’m totally up for more Bio healers but to be fair one of the top picks when it comes to defensive Bio heroes is Mandrake. Just felt he didn’t get any appreciation here. Also Moss, who surprised me a lot since I promoted him to Gold and started using him.

Well to be honest Mandrake you have to grind to him to actually have him to heal. Then Moss injuries himself to heal, I don’t got Moss so I can’t exactly say if he helps me out

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