Hero Buffs - 6.6

Colonel Wesson

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

:arrow_right: Power changed from 35,294 to 36,378
:arrow_right: Health changed from 890,200 to 1,013,275
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 5,809 to 6,082
:arrow_right: Elemental Armor changed from 4,260 to 4,396


No changes;

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

Bronze Ability: Death Mark

Focuses all allied fire toward the target. The enemy is Marked, Heal Blocked and their maximum Health is reduced by 294,758 (was 261,774) for 8 seconds.

If the Marked target is killed, this Hero reduces the cooldown of [Death Mark] by 100%.

Silver Ability: Rolling Thunder

No change in ability values, see “additional changes”.

Gold Ability: Firestorm

All enemies damaged by [Rolling Thunder] have a 50% chance to ignite the ground on fire for 12 seconds. Enemies who linger in the fire take 41,802 (was 36,301) Elemental damage per second.

Platinum Ability: Loyalty

This Hero gains 251,133 Health (was 134,599), and 7,504 Attack Damage (was 3,164) for each allied UAF and UAF Airborne Hero alive on the battlefield.

All allied UAF or UAF Airborne Heroes gain 350,003 Health (was 194,671).

Ruby Ability: Doing Damage

No changes;


  • The cast time of Silver Ability: Rolling Thunder has been decreased by 35,72%


(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

:arrow_right: Power changed from 33,818 to 36,469
:arrow_right: Health changed from 944,212 to 1,123,012
:arrow_right: Damage changed from 35,441 to 39,881
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 5,968 to 6,863
:arrow_right: Elemental Armor changed from 4,389 to 4,799
:arrow_right: Offensive Mod changed from 925 to 1295
:arrow_right: Defensive Mod changed from 1850 to 1896,25


:large_blue_diamond: Damage per Second changed from 97,144 to 101,584
:large_blue_diamond: Damage per Shot changed from 17,534 to 18,335

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

Bronze Ability: Coordinated Strike

All allied Heroes gain [Coordinated Strike] for 20 seconds.

While [Coordinated Strike] is active, all Allied Hero’s skills gain a 40% faster cooldown (was 30%), and whenever any allied Hero uses an ability all allied Heroes recover 150,041 Health (was 71,846).

Silver Ability: Orbital Bombard

No change in ability values, see “additional changes” and “bug fixes”;

Gold Ability: Target Down

Whenever an enemy is damaged by [Orbital Bombard] they become Disoriented for 10 seconds (was 4 seconds). If an enemy is killed, all allied Heroes gain a charge of [Target Down] until the end of the mission.

Each charge of [Target Down] recovers 25,089 Health per second (was 13,285 Health per second).

Platinum Ability: First Strike

Automatically attacks up to 5 enemies (was 3 enemies) at the start of each wave, dealing 250,000 Elemental Damage (was 157,928), and applies Disoriented to each enemy hit for 15 seconds (was 8 seconds).

Ruby Ability: Supported

A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains 4,536 Armor bonus (was 4,062) and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.


  • Decreased the Cast Time of “Coordinated Strike” by 19%;
  • Increased the AI chance of casting “Coordinated Strike” by 33%;
  • Decreased the Cooldown duration of “Orbital Bombard” to 18 sec;
  • Increased the AI chance of casting “Orbital Bombard” by 27%;
  • Increased the Projectile Speed of “Orbital Bombard” by 43%;


  • Fixed a bug where “Orbital Bombard” showed the wrong value for the skill duration;


(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

:arrow_right: Power changed from 35,366 to 38,600
:arrow_right: Health changed from 1,067,962 to 1,156,850
:arrow_right: Damage changed from 56,258 to 57,923
:arrow_right: Elemental Damage changed from 42,769 to 49,113
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 6,560 to 8,064
:arrow_right: Elemental Armor changed from 4,504 to 5,598
:arrow_right: Critical Chance changed from 4% to 5%
:arrow_right: Offensive Mod changed from 1896,25 to 2035
:arrow_right: Elemental Offensive Mod changed from 2081,25 to 2405


:large_blue_diamond: Rate of Fire changed from 0.87 to 1
:large_blue_diamond: Reload Time changed from 2.2 to 1.3
:large_blue_diamond: Damage to Cover changed from 402.3 to 350 (due to the increased Fire Rate)
:large_blue_diamond: Damage Per Second changed from 99,027 to 107,036
:large_blue_diamond: Damage Per Shot changed from 113,825 to 107,036 (due to the increased Fire Rate)

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

Bronze Ability: Toxic Explosion

Drops an explosion of toxic fumes over the battlefield poisoning all enemies in the targeted area. Dealing 40,291 Elemental Damage per second (was 35,407) for 12 seconds to afflicted enemies.

Silver Ability: Overwhelming Fumes

A strong stunning attack, deals 50,532 Elemental Damage per second (was 20,589) and the targeted enemy is Stunned for 7 seconds (was 5 seconds).

Gold Ability: Poison Master

All enemies damaged by this Hero have a 75% chance (was 50%) to release a poison cloud upon death. The clouds deal 50,537 Elemental Damage per second (was 31,249) to any enemies who linger within a small area.

Each poison cloud persists for 12 seconds.

Platinum Ability: Team Immunity

All allied Heroes recover 29,175 Health per second (was 26,953).

Ruby Ability: Doing Damage

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a 26,929 Elemental Attack Damage bonus (was 23,567), as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.


  • Decreased the Cast Time of “Lethal Dose” by 26.5%;
  • Increased the skill area of “Toxic Explosion” by 35%;
  • Increased the projectile speed of “Toxic Explosion” by 50%;
  • Decreased the Cooldown of “Overwhelming Fumes” to 14 seconds;

Great seeing Oracle getting a boost, she one of my faves. Thanks Team DECA.