Hero concept “Anima”

Anima is the daughter of a Zande chieftain. The Chieftain sent his daughter away to learn the ways of western civilization so she could come back and one day lead her people. She enlisted in the military and rose to rank of corporal. She was not strong but had exceptional agility allowing her compete with the men in close quarter combat. She preferred going to into combat with a knife instead of a gun. She felt guns for the weak and did not prove one could fight. Upon returning her she found her clan at war with other clan over a land dispute. The warring clan hired mercenaries to ambush before she could mount an offense.
The merc’s took her by surprise and left her for dead. She was found alive but the Zande doctors could do very little for her injuries. Her left hand to had be amputated and her spinal injury left her crippled. The military found out about her condition and offered a choice. She accepted to have the experimental surgery and had a custom exoskeleton suit permanently attached to her in exchange for returning to an elite tactical force. The exo-suit not only granted the ability to walk up right again but heightened her reflexes to a new level. She is now able to anticipate opponents moves and interrupt them with blinding speed. She had the engineers modify her left hand giving five precision throwing daggers instead of fingers which she throws with her right hand. She raises up her left hand to recall the daggers at anytime making them her weapon of choice.

Bronze skill: (Intercept) Anima activates her suit giving one charge of intercept. When an opponent uses a ability Anima is able to sense the action and interrupt the action before the ability is used. The opponents ability is fails and the timer on skill resets as well as they suffer minor damage. She can have a maximum of three charges stored.

Silver skill: (Pounce) Anima uses her cat like reflexes and lunges at opponent for high damage. If she kills an opponent then she gains a charge of intercept.

Gold skill: (Grounding) Anima’s suit grants her 10-15% reduced damage from opponents abilities.

Platinum: (Exergonic armor) Anima’s suit stores up kinetic energy when she is struck. When Anima uses Intercept the energy stored up is released adding small damage boost and gives a small chance to gain a charge of intercept.

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