New Hero Concept: Dagmar

Info: Dagmar is a front-line hero whos main focus is turning the battlefield. She will focus on drawing attention to herself to protect the others in her team as well as give them some boost to change the course of the battle.

Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle. the rifle has an axe at the end.

Faction: The Watch

Element: Energy

Bronze: Wolf Totem (totem lasts 8 seconds and gives the team a boost in attack speed)
Silver: Chain Heal (Heals an ally for a small health burst that bounces an additional 2 times to heroes with the lowest health. Dagmar will taunt at the enemy so they have a chance to heal)
Gold: Battle Cry (While taunting is active, gains defense up and takes reduced damage)
Plat: Bloodlust (Gains armor for the amount of health lost. The more health lost, the higher the armor)
Ruby: Tanked Up

The Totem has its own health bar, so it can be destroyed within those 8 seconds.

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Having a bolt action weapon as a front line hero almost defeats the purpose. Frontline heros, in my opinion, need to have either a higher rate of fire, larger calibers with a quicker reload or larger magazines. Bolt actions tend to be more accurate, say for snipers in the rear line.
I would really reconsider your choice of weapon for her.
I do like the axe idea, maybe make it a two sided axe?
Other than the weapon type, I like your design.

I don’t know if you guys have seen this cartoon movie before but these type of heroes close to real looking humans are good looking types. Ken shiro

Be that my character would be a female viking, it is nowhere near some JoJo looking anime dude

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Think your hero concept is good, however, not sure it fits here, dragonball would be a better fit for your hero concept.