Hero concept “ Codger”

Codger is energy hero who is capable manipulating the battlefield. He’s not strong on attack or high health but makes for a good support role with skills. His gold skill gives slightly more survivability while his bronze and silver help him turn the tide. He seems best suited for Rangers or Mercenaries since he is a sell-sword and sells his services to highest bidder.

Bronze skill: (Backfire) Codger pauses briefly to lock onto all enemies weapons causing all shots to fail for 3 seconds. Each shot fired will instead deal 25% of its original damage (can be critical and based off enemies own critical chance ) back the shooter. Any enemy that did not suffer damage from backfire is disoriented for 5 seconds. Skill has a Slow charge rate but gets a small boost when struck

Silver skill: ( Hex) Codger enters a trance state for up 6 seconds. Every 2 seconds ( 2,4,6) that Codger is stays in the trance state a random enemies’s ammo is completely depleted to zero and receives damage. If he completes all 6 seconds without being interrupted he gains a small damage bonus for 30 seconds ( bonus stack 3 times). Skill charges every time he strikes an enemy.

Gold skill: (Foresight) Codger is able to glimpse into the future and prepare for his death. When he is struck with a fatal blow, he instead goes invisible for 2 seconds and recovers 10% maximum health and 20% maximum health in the form of a shield that last for 10 seconds. Once foresight is trigger he gains 5% chance to evade attacks (last until end of the wave) but can not use foresight again until he is healed to 100% health.

Platinum skill: (Malady) Any enemy under a control effect when struck by Backfire skill extends the duration of Backfire by 2 seconds. Also passively increase his damage by a small amount to enemies under a control effect.

Liked the concept.

His gold seems lot like Gammond. His invisibility could increase to 3-4 seconds since I think Mandrake makes characters usually invisible for lot longer (till certain % is reached which could be slow if there isn’t a healer). Maybe add good reflect damage to team while invisible which will make his Synergy with Mandrake good.

His silver and bronze are similar to Min’s. Though Min isn’t really that survivable even with hologram at gold - I am not sold with plat.

It is still pretty good skillset. Keep up the good work man :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the feedback!