Hero concept - Coreblow 'The UAF hunter'

‘The UAF hunter’

A weapon only seeks destruction, and so I do
She has no shame in what she has and what she shows. They are no rich family, merely making the living with their crazy, unearthly inventions. She lives with her uncle in gangster controlled streets in a small shop in an inconspicuous alley. They trade and augment parts for clients, or build new ones for those in dire need. But, a war arose, a war between the UAF military, and the KLG factions. Many cities became unsafe to live in, especially those actively threatened by the explosive warfare.

Many people sought shelter in the other cities, and many were injured or were missing limbs. This only made business better for Tanora and her uncle, although, it was not just desperate refugees who came, raiders were attracted to the prosthetics and augments alike. They began raiding the place from time to time, shoving patients off the tables, and stealing supplies they received from outlying factions. Tanora, not being a bystander, chose to defend their shop. She could not stand to see her fathers legacy be abused and destroyed by the consequences of a war she thought was beyond her.
Desperate, and too weak to retaliate, she began to drug herself, enhancing her capabilities to fend off the attackers. She became more violent and impulsive by the day. She destroyed her body and mind to fend off the violent attackers. But as they grew more desperate, Tanora became more of a problem for their supplies. So, one day they amassed outside her shop, dozens of them, armored trucks and heavy machinery.

Tanora could give up, give up the legacy and dream. But, she became too angered by them making their already hard life even tougher. She loaded her revolver that she made along time, as a last resort of violence, the kind of violence that she despised, and she attacked.
Tanora won in the end, heavily wounded she came back to the shop. But is was at the cost of a major price, she lost not only herself, her dignity and mental stability, she lost the last thing she had left, her uncle
He was on the edge between life and death. He was fatally wounded, having no longer than a minute to share his final, encouraging words
“D-don’t let them take this from you, carry on my legacy…” He exhaled. He handed her a device, just as tiny as an ant.
“I do not have much time, sweety. But, you need to know… the UAF are the wronged! They were the ones who sent them! couch couch
P-please… deliver this to the KLG so they can end the war! It will save so many lives! Our legacy! Our life’s work is in this chip! Please end this madness, hunt down the UAF and enlighten them!” He requests, with his last breath. Her uncle passed, leaving behind their entire legacy in her hands.

Tanora went on, serving customers and trying to survive the raging war that kept coming closer.
Alas, her desperate attempt to fend them off was not enough, they kept coming, and they kept raiding, taking. It wasn’t long until they actually noticed her, and captured the shop, and forced her through nights making new limbs and inventions for them. She had no place to go, after they were gone she was locked in, and if any attempt with her technological wonders would be made, their hacker would get rid of it. She was trapped in her own shop, under the power of the supposed righteous faction, the ones that shined bright on dark, who mantled themselves a false imagine of hope, while in reality, they were the dark themselves
Even under the oppression she had hope, in secret, in her room, hidden from the sight of the raiders, under a cloak, she crafted herself a new body. In the first couple days the raiders believed what they saw, she still put out the work for them, so there was nothing to worry about.

“Just a mere citizen,’ One said once.”

Within those first few days she made the core, and implanted the chip her uncle gave her into her brain. It was but the start, but what came after was something nobody expected.
This chip is their life’s work, when they weren’t serving customers, they were building this. A chip that allows the brain to control materials, in a way that would make it possible to even use two screwed rods to move around, without any other inputs besides the brain’s.
In the nights she was left alone, locked and trapped in the operating room. Where she had everything available to her. Which was the mistake that would cost them their treasure.

Tanora began operating on herself, using machines to replace limb after limb. The raiders did not suspect a thing,
“How could she possibly retaliate? She is locked inside a room and she is weak, and starving. She has no will but ours, we own her! She does as we wish!”

Tanora, at one night, when the raiders were gone, and she was alone, went to put on the finishing touch. If this does not work, it was all for nothing.
She locked herself from within the room as well, setting debris and obstacles against the door, torching it shut with metal bars and failed prosthetics. And within that night she underwent the transformation.
She fried the electronics in her arms and legs, and went under her operating table. She programmed it to perform the final surgery that would complete her work, her only hope, her ultimate plan to show the world what their legacy can accomplish.
The machine cut, torched and rebuilt Tanora’s body. An entire night of excruciating pain and suffering. But at the end the result showed.
Tanora was no more flesh but her brain. Her entire body was made of a special, sturdy and absorbing steel. Only her skull was resistant to the possible heat the core could emit.
Her body now runs entirely on steam, steam that the core itself emits. And yet, the core is now the only thing needed besides nutria injections for the brain. She did not build herself a new body, she built herself a weapon. She lost everything she ever found precious. And just like a weapon, it cannot live in peace, it is made for violence and destruction. She now lost the very last thing she really possessed.

In the morning. The raiders came into the building, smashing windows and attempting to force themselves through the door, they were pissed and quickly grew suspicious as to why the door was sealed shut.
“Open the damn door! Or we will burn this place to ashes!” One threatened.
Softly, from behind the door a cracked voice talks, one broken and rusted by loneliness.
“You already burned my entire world to ashes with your violence and deception! Now it is my turn to burn yours! And after I’m done with yours I’M COMING FOR THE OLD MAN!” She yelled.

The raider was but confused, unaware of what is happening behind those walls.

And then,


The wall erupts, the door is shot through the already broken glass panels, and a cone of pure, dry heat burns the raiders and the whole floor to a crisp. Their bodies are still standing, but they are but a black shadow of dust waiting for a tide of wind to filth the wooden floor with ash. The remaining raiders outside did not take long to catch up.
Shots were being fired towards her, hitting her metal, but to no avail. Tanora grabbed her revolver from the counter and fired back. Shot after shot after scream and cry, they drop one by one. Their numbers crippled quickly.
An armored, bipedal tank arrived. It stomped the cars to mush, and when it reached the shop, readied the cannon. A large, automatic pulse cannon on top opened fire. The shots were effective, crippling Tanora by the seconds, until she released all her built up heat once again.
She stood upright, and pointed the hollow point of her chest towards the machine. Unlike before where there was an explosion. Instead, the machine shuts down, it is being fried from inside, machinery, wires and joints are molten to match the rage she feels. After that, the outer layer melted, slowly drooping off of the hull. Then,
The ammunition is ignited, and the walker explodes into thousands of pieces and parts.

Silence ensues, no more violence but that raging in her head, and the gunshots in the distance.

There she stands, deprived of her humanity, now only motivated by a hatred towards the UAF. She is barely able to move the heavy metal. The golden steam mends her steel. But, as steam builds up and heats the metal she slowly regains her mobility. She vents the steam through her nose, breathing only to control the temperature of her body. And now she has but only one task on her mind, and that is to end this war and suffering.

Tanora seeks refuge in the only place that can accommodate her, and that is the KLG Black Ops, where she can vent her steam and give her inventions life. Aiding Kurtz in taking down the UAF

Black to blonde, Low, cut bob hairstyle with a golden accent at the end. About 172CM call. Is fully mechanical except for the brain. Her facial structure is strong. She is tightly packed in plates all around her body, small, metal-like plates, very sturdy overall. But, she has a core that can be exposed by the torso. This fully shows her hollow inside.
She has one long coat with a hoodie on it. And always has a mask on except for in combat.
Steam comes from her nose, mouth or core if open when she heats up. The steam that emerges from her mechanical body can change into a fiery black flame with a golden accent in it. This steam is made when she breathes air and is stored in her body. This is what powers her. And when it becomes too much, she vents it out.

Here is art, done by none other than @Deca_Willow

8 stars
Mechanical element
Black Ops faction
Acts as a brawler, a tank/damage dealer hybrid

HP - 7 / 10 (1.5 million at max)
Armor - 7 / 10 (7K neutral and 5K mech at max)
5% Critical chance
regular stats elsewhere

Shattered Heart
38 round semi automatic revolver. Has 2 barrels and a huge, round magazine with 2 layers of asymmetrical tubes. This allows it to fire incredibly fast instead of firing 2 rounds in one trigger.
The magazine is reloaded by emptying the cylinders and refilling it with hot scrap from her core. When the cylinder turns the shrapnel automatically falls into the small tubes and closes.

Overall weapon stats
Compared to maximum level

4 / 10 damage per shot - 43K
5.87 rounds per second (at max speed by holding, capped by the players triggerfinger)
Low damage to cover
38 rounds
Reloads in 5.3 seconds

Compared to max level

Bronze skill:

‘Isolating steel’
Coreblow enhances her armor, covering up the joints and detaining more heat for 15 seconds.

Coreblow herself now builds 1 steam stack every 0-5 second(s)
If below 100 stacks at any time in this duration, receive 40% damage reduction, 20K armor and become rooted and taunt. If above 100 stacks she will receive 20% damage reduction, 10K armor and be slowed by 30%
20 second cooldown, 1% charge with every basic attack.

Silver skill:

Coreblow opens up her torso. The heat from within her body is no longer isolated. Every enemy she faces will burn for 130K damage per second. This depletes 10 steam stacks every second and increases damage by crits by 300%.

If Coreblow has ‘Overcore’ Active she will blow all her steam away instantly and blast all damage at once.
16 second cooldown
Deals non elemental damage

Gold skill:

When steam is depleted Coreblow’s core becomes unstable. She now emits golden steam. Golden steam heats up quicker, and provides special properties. Building 2 steam every 0,5 seconds until staggered.
If ‘Overcore’ is active during ‘Isolating steel’, she regenerates 60K health per second.

Additionally, the increased heat makes her more flexible and regenerates her armor, Coreblow does the following for every steam stack

  • Deal 1% extra overall damage (including abilities)
  • Reload 0,5% quicker
  • Regenerate 400 HP per second
    This does not have a cap.

Platinum skill:

When reaching critical state Coreblow will randomly start to leak steam, (30% of max HP) which steadily reduces steam by 5 every second
This steam will build evasion in % to every %(HP) you lose under that. (Max 30%)

Ruby Skill:

‘Polymetallic platings’
When at 0 stacks receive 50% decreased damage. For every stack that resistance is reduced, when going above 50, it increases damage taken. But, it prevents crowd control. (Root, stun, taunt, etc)


No match is the same, no playstyle is required. You can play at low steam, which overall makes you tankier, more resistant, but keeps damage output low. When balancing steam around the 100 stacks you will deal the most damage, having overall strong abilities and base damage. When sparing steam you will increase risks, but can massively increase damage output and random, sudden bursts of damage. The more stacks the more high risk high reward she becomes.

A special thanks for @Deca_Willow for providing this amazing, and original artpiece!
A couple asset is on arrival for this concept. Later


Was such a pleasure to create the concept art for this character, she sounds very interesting! :blush:
Thanks for asking me and more importantly for tolerating my scarce drawing times :smiley:


A revolver with 30+ rounds and decimation? Now your speaking my language…

An overall amazingly put together concept! Well execution and amazing design. Shows your skills as a writers in the best way! Love it mellow :+1: :heart:

Reminder that it’s semi auto and doesn’t have a fire rate cap when tapped. Basically triggerfinger

Hehe, that’s my style then…

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