Hero Concept: DeadEye

Hero Story:

DeadEye was originally a patriot scientist. He worked aside Surge and together they created a device that analyzes a human to find pressure points. However, DeadEye never intended to stick with the Patriots. He wanted to use Surge to create the technology. He later joins the mercenaries and works as a bounty hunter.

Hero Visuals:

He’ll look like a Deadshot. He’ll have a mechanical feel with eye fixtures and body parts similar to bolts. Has a steampunky theme incorporated into him too.
Deadshot_will_smith Steampunk_outfit_mask



DeadEye will have a mechanical sniper. His sniper is attached to his right arm and has great recoil each time, but deal a great amount of damage

Bronze Ability:

DeadEye uses his stolen tech against his enemy! He scans the enemy for X seconds. After his scan, the target is marked, and a portion of the body is highlighted in red. The Enemy gets a charge of [Pressure]. This mark lasts XX seconds. Each enemy can be marked twice, which adds a charge of [Pressure].

When [Pressure] is received the body part highlighted in red gains an improved critical chance of XX.

Silver Ability:

DeadEye modifies his sniper to a quick burst with a short delay between each burst. He improves the entires teams DPS by xxx and every allied weapon shot deal extra mech damage. This ability lasts for XX seconds.

Gold Ability:

For every mark active DeadEye activates a turrent on his left shoulder/arm. Every turrent deals XXX damage per second and there can only be 2 turrents active at a time from the Gold Skill. Turrents act as a shield before Dead Eye can be damaged.


For every deployable ally (Hiveminds Drone, Castellians Turrents, etc.) Deadeye adds a turrent for up to a max of 4 turrents. If all 4 turrents are active they all gain a charge of [Lifesteal].

A charge of [Lifesteal] makes all deployable damage heal all allies evenly

All feedback appreciated!

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He looks like a mech hero

He is a mech :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like bolt
oof for 20 characters

There was definitely some inspiration from bolt as he is my favorite character, but I believe the play-style/team composition for this hero would be somewhat different.