New Hero Idea: Arbiter

I was wondering if hero hunters could employ another 7 star mechanical hero, preferably a DPS/Tactician. I like the Patriots faction, because it is small and its members seem to stand for pre apocalypse ideals, so I came up with an avatar of blind justice or divine retribution. Also, we need more seven star heroes.

Pardon the artwork. I’m not much of an artist, so I tried to have an online AI (nightcafe) sketch my idea. The aim is to have a cyberpunk-esque female with silver hair and a mechanical eye, weilding some sort of a large “hammer” of justice

I’m new to these forums. Please let me know if this seems like a good idea for a 7 star mechanical

Hero Name: Arbiter
Moniker: Embodiment of Retribution
Faction: Patriots
Position: Midline
Element: Mechanical
Weapon: Desert Eagle (or other large caliber handgun with small magazine)
Role: Damage dealer / Tactician

Description: Having lost her eyesight during Kurtz’ initial uprising, Arbiter has become the embodiment of blind justice and divine retribution, growing ever more powerful as her allies take damage

Bronze Skill: Hammer of Judgment
Arbiter slams a massive sledgehammer into the ground, releasing a shockwave dealing 1200 base damage to any enemy that deals damage to one of her allies for 1 second. Any enemy damaged by this attack gains one charge of Injustice for 12 seconds

Silver Skill: Retribution
Power up Arbiter and 2 allies’ weapons with Retribution for 7 seconds. All shots now deal 10% more weapon damage, and trigger a secondary explosion in any target marked with Injustice for 370 base damage per second.

Gold skill: Blind Justice
Any enemy hit by hammer of judgment is now disoriented in addition to being marked with Injustice.
Arbiter gains 5% weapon damage for each enemy marked with injustice
(Base damage increase goes up by 1% every 10 levels)

Platinum Skill: Divine Retribution
Gain one charge of Divine Retribution for every ally that loses more than 10% of their Max HP in a single second. (Lasts 5 seconds. Max 4 charges)
For each charge of Divine Retribution, Arbiter gains 3% weapon damage, and reduces 2% incoming damage.
(Base damage increases 3% every 10 levels, damage reduction increases 2% every 10 levels)


Welcome to the HH Forum! :blush:

I really like the first AI artwork of the concept and the skills sound very interesting.

Thanks. I like the idea of a high risk, high reward character. In this case, her dps only goes aggro if the squad takes alot of damage. Making her “blind” just seemed like fun storytelling.
Would love to see devs create a high risk character like this, or something completely different out of left field like aliens, intelligent heroneum exposed animals, etc.
The newest character, Ballista, reminds me of the predator. If that’s fair game for inspiration, then the sky is three limit

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A high risk and high reward kinda hero could be one who revolves around crit chance and crit bonus damage,

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True, and that’s definitely a great reward. Maybe even better than my simple “increase damage”. The risk would probably come from the conditions that activate those increased crit chance/damages, creating a double edged sword

Clyde and his platinum ability are a good example of this, especially since hitting shots is risky at times and sometimes takes patience.

Good point. Hardpoint’s gold also requires huge risk for a big damage boost. I like fighters like this, like Clyde and Hardpoint, because they take finesse to master. My suggested build is inspired by Ballista’s punishing shield for his bronze ability, as well as Halo’s gold passive, in order to turn allies’ injuries into potential damage output (where Halo heals them).
Honestly this was a fun topic to think/ talk about. Thanks

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