New Hero Concept: Blaze - Fire Demon

Mechanical Hero
Faction: S.W.A.T.

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

An assault incinerator, armed with a rifle that also serves as a powerful flamethrower

Bronze: Burst - replaces the primary fire of the rifle with the flamethrower.

  • the flamethrower has a 50 round magazine.
  • the target under the continuous fire will suffer more and more damage
  • targets hit by Burst will be set on fire for 10 seconds

Silver: Rain Of Fire - shoot a jet of fire towards the sky, the falling fire will set fire to the enemy camp.

  • the fire persists for 10 seconds.

Gold: Napalm - increases skill damage and increases damage against the cover.

Platinum: Demon - each time it causes a critical hit, it receives a Demon charge.

  • Each charge increases weapon damage by 5%, but as a counterpart, Blaze catches fire and suffers fire damage.
  • The charges accumulate up to 10 times.
  • When Blaze dies, it explodes releasing flames throughout the enemy camp

Appearance: his clothing are very simple.
Starting from the head, he wears a red fireman’s hat, an anti-gas mask, a whitish men’s undershirt, classic firefighter’s trousers, wide bratelle and brown work boots.
the image is just to give you an idea of ​​how Blaze will be if implemented

He is armed with a double action flamethrower (that is, he has two barrels, one of the rifle and the other of the flamethrower itself) connected with a tube to the backpack-tank placed on his back.
The rifle has 50 shots, high rate of fire, fast charging but very low damage.
The Flamethrower has 50 rounds, high rate of fire, slow reload (skills recharge slowly) and medium damage.

a bit of Backstory:
Washington, White House HQ S.W.A.T. (this is not a normal white house, S.W.A.T. has managed to conquer the white house and make it its base)

we’re in the control room, it’s full of faction operatives and soldiers.
an operator who controls a spy drone that was flying over the combat zone in the desert, witnesses all the action carried out at that time.

(Op = operator; S = Soldier)

Op: Umm… call me Captain Blaze.

one of the soldiers leaves the monitor room, walks down a long corridor until he reaches a room where loud music came out.
The soldier opens the door and enters the room and finds Blaze sleeping naked face down.

S: umm… sir?
Blaze: …
S: Sir?
Blaze: uhh
S: Sir, wake up.
Blaze: uhh… No
S: wake up, we think we’ve found him.
Blaze: uhh… what’s found?
S: The Behemot, sir
Blaze: oh… cool…
*turns around and goes back to sleep

It’s been exactly 3 seconds since he opens his eyes screaming

Blaze: They found the Behemot?!?! Why didn’t you tell me right away?!?
S: that’s what I just told you
Blaze: You’re fucking slow.

Blaze was screaming at the soldier as he dressed in haste and fury.
He comes out of his room running, he almost fell, he knocks over the doors of the monitor room with a kick and quickly approaches the operator of the drone.

Blaze: Did you really find him?
Op: We think so, look at yourself.

from the monitor you could see that the big central hangar opened in half and from the center rose a huge black metal mass that flashed with a strong red light.

Blaze: yes, finally… prepare my jet, I’m going there!

a big figure behind him puts his hand on his shoulder.
?: No, you’re staying here.
Blaze: eh no, I’ve been waiting for a long time, too long for this moment, now no one can stop me, not even the…

Blaze turns around and sees that that big figure was Boss.
Blaze: oh… uhmm… hello Boss
Boss: … B how many times have I told you that you have to stay here safe with me and Mom?
Blaze: m-ma… Boss, he’s here, you know how long I’ve been waiting…
Boss: B… I said no, if you keep on doing this you’ll offend me and my mom!
Blaze: please, come on… let me go!
Boss: B… stop it, go to Mom, she wants to see you.
Blaze: she didn’t want me when she was alive, why would she want me when she’s dead?!?

everything in the room is quiet, a shadow falls over Boss’s face.
Boss’s big hand crushes Blaze’s shoulder so much that he tries to make the noise of the bones that break and forces him to kneel on the ground.

Blaze: ouch, ouch, you’re breaking my shoulder!

Boss was crushing Blaze more and more towards the ground.

Blaze: ouch, fuck, please Boss, you’re hurting me
Blaze: please, stop… Dad, stop!

Boss instantly releases Blaze’s shoulder, who was now on the ground with blood coming out of him.

Boss: you stay here… and go to your room and I don’t want to see you until tomorrow…
(to all the others) and what are you doing impaling them? Go back to work!

Blaze, angry, frustrated, crying and with a broken shoulder comes out of the room.

At that moment the radio is activated

Buster: Gentlemen, we’ve got some good news and a bad…
the good news is that we’ve conquered the base and the behemot.
The bad news is that apart from me, my brother and Blodymary are all dead, Chef is out of use, Hunter is missing and we are surrounded by the UAF.
Bunker: we need immediate support!

the radio goes out

Boss: All right, get a helicopter ready to retrieve them.
Op: and Blaze?
Boss: With that arm he can’t go anywhere.
Op: you know, I’m a father too, if you want some advice I can give it to you if you want…

Boss puts his hand on the operator’s shoulder.
Op: never mind.

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I had a similar idea a few months back! It would be interesting to see how a flamethrower would work in Hero Hunters. We have a controllable laser beam in the form of Yaeger, so why not a flamethrower Hero?

Anyways, something told me to use my eight thousand hours of mspaint to draw this for you and your idea.


this is my version instead.
note carefully how happy Blaze is when he takes the flamethrower, but above all the little finger raised, which makes him look like an aristocrat (you know that some people raise their little fingers when they drink tea or coffee, right? That’s the same)


My dude, that’s like, masterwork MSPaintmanship! I applaud thee. I need to take notes from you, my broski.

Please, you make me blush.
Apart from the jokes, I’m not a great artist, in fact, I did that drawing in 3 minutes with paint 3d.
I did everything quickly, apart from fixing it by deleting some lines I didn’t lose much time.

Would your hero be similar in concept to Blaze from MCVS?

I like his personality

So like, is it better for me to spend half an hour working on an easy English assignment due tonight, or procrastinate and spend a full hour utilizing my nine hundred plus hours on mspaint for 1 forum heart?

You better like this or I will eat your Gauntlet gems.

Left side is @CptLappo. Right side is like an hour of actual effort.


I’m sorry to say, but mine is more beautiful.
Dives that feeling of “thought by a twenty year old but drawn by a 2 year old child” :rofl:
But I like the pants and the gun.

and don’t worry about the gems, I don’t have any

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ooooh, I just started collecting heronium