Hero Concept: Hunter

Background: Hank “Hunter” Cole has the mindset of a good soldier ready to serve his country when necessary. An already skilled hunter and an ace pilot, he was tasked with running a secret mission where he would get a more…hands on approach. Using his skills, he can put those to the test of the ultimate prey.

Weapon: Mouser C96

Faction: Royal Protectors

Element: Mech


  • Bolas Grenade: An explosive grenade that shoots out Bolas. Bolas will reduce the target speed by 60% between cover

Rocket Punch

  • Rocket Punch: Uses his jet pack to gain momentum and give the target a strong right hook. Will leave target disoriented for 5 seconds. has a chance to leave them stunned.


  • Evasion: Uses his jet pack to quickly move between cover. Increases overall dodge chance by 10%


  • Dead Eye: When health is below 40%, gains dead eye which increases damage and speed of his shots.

  • Ruby: Doing Damage


Cool concept, neat that he has a jetpack, that would be something new :).

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thanks, if i have learned anything in fights is that a jet pack can be a great advantage. a star wars moment of “I have the high ground”

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Lmao puts on Mandalorian helmet This is the Way.

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Nice design. Like a cross between Emile and a fighter pilot.

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tHeY fLy nOw?!?!?

they fly now