New Hero and Faction concept: Hawk of the Royal Protectors

Background: Hawk was the top of his class of the royal academy. He excelled in his offensive skills and attention to detail. When the time was right, he was tasked with leading the Royal Protectors. Their only duty is to make sure the queen is kept safe from harm and protected from potential assassins.

Element: Energy

Faction: Royal Protectors

Weapon: Crossbow (holds 10 bolts)


  • Bronze: Incendiary bolt (shoots a blue bolt that explodes leaving the target on fire for 8 seconds)
  • Silver: Razor grenade (throws a grenade that will explode when enemy is in proximity. upon exploding, razor wires flail around for 3 seconds doing damage to those in the radius)
  • Gold: Firestarter (increases the radius of the fire bolt with chance of spreading)
  • Plat: Jointly (if other members of the Royal Protectors are present, get a bonus in defense and a small damage boost)
  • Ruby: Supported

dont have a hero design, but made a logo for the Royal Protectors. taken from Paint3D. I chose the rose because it might show elegance on top, but remember it has thorns on the bottom as defense. the heart, well the heart is loyalty to the queen whom they serve.
HH faction logo 2


I like it, kind of similar or scum or ghoul but still very original, good work๐Ÿ‘