Hero Concept: Arbiter "KLG Hunter"

Background: Nobody know who is behind the mask. All they know is that they are very loyal to Kurtz. This Elite Hunter is the perfect person when it comes to stealth and taking down heroes for the greater good. No matter the task, big or small, they will always follow orders to the point.

Weapon: Auto-Crossbow

Bronze: cryo arrow (chance to freeze the target for a few seconds)
Silver: shock arrow (shoots an arrow that shocks enemies and slowly reduces shields. Can stack up with other heroes to increase damage)
Gold: Gains a shield if the cryo arrow kills the target
Plat: throws a flare at random that prevents heroes from going invisible. lasts until round is over.
Ruby: whatever bonus heroes get with the class they are

Lost my thought, so im not liking some of the moves myself. but i like being different than what is available.

only did the head concept with alt coloring. Idea came from a game character as well as a barn owl.
HH_untitled_hero head_alt HH_untitled_hero head_alt2


HahahahahahahaH :rofl:nice

Barn Owls are awesome!

The mask almost similar with Buckets’