Hero Concept: Kuraca the Insane Doctor



Kuraca, the “Insane Doctor” ,is joining the community gallery! Kuraca poisons his enemies and in return, heals his allies at the same time!

Primary Weapon: Plague Pistol

Skills Header

Vile Cure
Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Kuraca tosses a bottle, exploding in the targeted area and inflicting enemies with Vile Cure. Enemies inflicted with Vile Cure take Biochem Damage per second for 5 seconds(Duration increases by 1 second every 10 levels). The allied hero with the lowest health recovers health for 50% of the damage dealt.

False Antidote
Silver Skill - Active Ability

Kuraca tosses a gas grenade into the area, dealing Elemental damage per second which increases over time to enemies who linger in the area. The gas lasts 15 seconds. If any enemies are killed by False Antidote, all allied heroes recover health per second for 3 seconds. The allied hero with the lowest health recovers health based on 50% of the damage dealt.

Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Enemies inflicted with Vile Cure or False Antidote are disoriented for the duration of the effect and for each second inflicted, they have a 25% chance to apply one of the following effects: Heal block for 4 seconds; Stun for 4 seconds; Silence for 4 seconds; Root for 4 seconds.

Improved Practices
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

Kuraca’s medical practices have now improved, boosting his team’s power. All allied heroes gain health for the rest of the mission and improved healing received by 15%.

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

Kuraca gains bonus Armor and Dodge chance.

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Dangit every time I see these I think we are getting cool heroes lol


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