Hero Suggestion: Arson

Role: Disruptor

Faction: Nomads

Name: Arson

Description: A madman physician. Surpasses covers, dealing a massive amount of damage when health is low and disrupts the enemy.

Weapon: Photon Sniper

Ammo: 8 per clip

Element: Bio-Chem

Health: 435K

Damage: 10K per shot

Skills (Full Platinum and level 75)

  • Photon Surge (Bronze): Deal 35K to the targeted enemy, [Burning] 18K per second for 5 seconds and [Slowing] the target by 35%
  • Arsenic Ammo (Silver): Raises damage by 20K and last until next reload but this hero will receive 35% more damage as long as this ability is still active. Also, the enemy receives a charge of [Arsenic] for 3 seconds and stacks for 5 times.
    • [Arsenic] causes the enemy to receives 5% more damage. This charge slowly depletes over time.
  • Photon Projectiles (Gold): This hero’s shots penetrate cover but deal 50% less damage and this hero cannot damage cover.
  • Disintegrate (Platinum): For 1% of health lost, add 1K damage.

This might be one the most easiest hero I’ve ever thought of. Sorry if it might seem too generic

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