Hero Concept: literally just Nezuko

I don’t watch anime but I’d be lying if Nezuko ain’t the cutest character I’ve seen in a while. Also, don’t this seriously.



Primary: a glock.
Element: Energy.

Bronze - Sit.
Sits cutely. Slowly restores up to 34% of her HP and receives a 25% damage reduction. Any action ends this skill immediately. Damage taken during a Sit reduces Bite’s skill cooldown.

Silver - Bite.
Becomes angry at a target. Viciously bites a target, inflicting heavy bleed damage. Target deals reduced damage to Nezuko and damage to Nezuko from the target is reflected back.

Gold - Kick.
Becomes even angrier at a target. Nezuko has a chance to kick the target after a Bite. Kick deals heavy Normal damage. The lower Nezuko’s health was during a Bite, the greater number of Kicks she will do to that target.

Platinum - Run.


Shrinks and becomes faster. Dealing an instance of immense damage to Nezuko causes Nezuko to shrink, gaining increased movement speed and a chance to Dodge.


Everything is great but everyone will say lol when they see this first time