Hero Concept: Stormfront

“Today’s forecast is pain!”

Stormfront: A meteorologist turned crazy after getting sucked up into a tornado, he uses his weather knowledge and gadgets to use to fight the enemy!

Looks: A man in a suit with a hunchback and has broken glasses and has various gadgets adorned on his avatar.

Bronze Skill: Cumulonimbus
Summons a cloud of electricity above a certain area and does x damage per second to enemies. However, if no players are in the target area, this hero loses 25% health. If enemies are hit by [Cumulonimbus] they gain a charge of [Gust]. [Gust] lifts the enemy for 3 seconds and does x damage.

Silver Skill: Meganado
Stormwriter places a device to a large area which causes a tornado. The tornado lasts 10 seconds. Each enemy in the area becomes lifted and takes x damage per second until the tornado disappears. Cover in the affected area is also destroyed.

Gold Skill: Mother Nature’s Friends
For each enemy affected by either [Meganado] or [Cumulonimbus], all allied hero’s gain x health for 5 seconds.

Platinum Skill: Today’s Forecast
All allied heroes gain x damage and x health at the beginning of the match.


“This beautiful concept would be better at place in the community gallery”
I love this concept. The abilities really add up to his backstory and personality😃
He might be a good partner of marianas😉

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She actually inspired me to make him😅

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