Reworked Hero Concept - Torn: the Storm Chaser

Element: Energetic
Faction: The Watch

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

A lot of people tell me I’m like “the eye of the storm”… I don’t understand what they mean.
A storm fanatic, created a wide range of devices to recreate their devastating effects


Bronze: Tornado - launches a small drone towards the enemy field, after 2 seconds it activates and releases a mini tornado that will slow down all enemies in the area.

  • the drone will move independently
  • the tornado persists for 8 seconds or until the drone is destroyed.

Silver: StormBreaker - fires an electric sphere in a straight line towards the target, the sphere will release electric arcs in the passage that will lighten the enemy.

  • The closer the enemy, the more powerful the electric shock will be.

Gold: Thunder and Lightning - adds Lightnings th Tornado

  • every thunderbolt has the 25% change to stun the target

Platinum: Electric Conductor - Shots fired from the hero’s weapon, if they hit the target, can create electric arcs that hit the enemy nearby

Appearance:he’s a big guy with long black hair gathered behind a ponytail and a slight untreated beard.
He wears a wide hat, a pair of glasses, an ivory vest, light blue t-shirts, ivory cropped trousers and a pair of black amphibians.

His Gun: The Lighting-Shooter 3000

is a large gun loaded with car batteries, bulky but very powerful.
x8 shots in the charger medium rate of fire, medium damage, slow reload

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