New Hero Concept: Electron - Thunder God

Element: Energy
Faction: Global Forces
Position: Frontline

Hp 4/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 5/5

** Heavy electrical noises intensifies **

Tank - Support/DPS - Anti Everything
A cyborg brute of massive dimensions.
He uses the natural and devastating power of lightning to disintegrate any obstacle in front of him.
Ironically, it doesn’t work during storms.

Bronze: Concentrated Energy - Block the entire enemy team in an electrical trap hitting them with 2 arcs for 6sec.

Silver: Thunder Bending - draws fire on itself converting all damage into health up to 100%.
Once 100% is reached, the hero will release an electric wave that will electrify the enemy field causing constant damage equal to 50% absorbed and slowly draining their skill energy.
Occasionally, lightning strikes will start from the ground and stun enemies for 1sec.

  • The field remains electrified for 7.5sec.

Gold: Ultra Overload - when his and allied skills are 100% charged, the hero receives [Ultra Overload] charges.
Each charge doubles the elemental damage, damage against shields and generated troops and the bullets consume 5% of the enemy skill energy.

  • The hero can accumulate up to 10 charges and will lose one each time a skill is used.

Platinum: Thunder God - reduces the damage received by mechanical enemies and becomes immune to any effect of enemy energy skills.

Ruby: Support

Appearance: is a large cybord inside a black, grey and blue proto suit.

His Weapons: “Magni and Modi” are two big automatic revolver cannons.
They are very powerful with a medium-low rate, but accuracy is poor and they have little ammunition.

shooting rate : 4.10
ammunition capacity : 12 (6 per cannon)
recharge time : 2.5 sec
damage : High


As usual I dig it! Great additions with the hand-drawn heroes!
For the bronze, what kind of block does it apply for, and how long? Also, is that skill upgraded based on duration? Or is there damage dealt which can be increased?

The bronze is like Flatline silver, but stun the entire enemy team for 6 seconds.
And when u upgrade it, u just increase the damage

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So, maybe something like this?

Bronze: Concentrated Energy - Detonate an electrical burst, stunning all enemies for 6 seconds, also dealing x Elemental damage to every enemy.

The biggest thing with a hero concept is that the x represents the part of the skill which can be upgraded and changed. If I need to specify that it’s low or high damage, I will say that it will damage by low x or something like that.

This helps the hero concept become more plausible in a ‘what-if’ type of way.

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