Hero concept - War quadrabot

Hero concept - War Quadrabot

Stat rating
Power - 33456
Health - 6-5 / 10 (1034000 On max)
Armor - 8 / 10 (7003 on max)
Elemental armor - 8 / 10 (4012 on max level)
Damage output - 6 / 10
Potential damage output - 9,5 / 10
Defensive capabilities - 3 / 10
Weapon statistics
MAU-2-12 cannons
Damage per shot - 34435 (at maximum level)
Fire rate - 3.87 rounds per second
Reload time - 4.35 seconds
Magazine size - 24 rounds
Damage to cover - 153.4 per shot
Damage per second - 133263.45 (at max level)

:star: :star:
Position - Midline
Faction - Mercenary
Element - Mechanical

Bronze skill

Activates the radar on top, providing support for 8 seconds (increases with 2 every 25 levels)
All moving enemies under this duration will be struck by an airstrike every second they move, dealing ability damage. This also marks them until they are behind cover

Silver skill

Vital scans
War Quadrabot searches for vitals. Critical damage is boosted to 201% (increases with 1% every level) and crit chance is boosted to 80% on marked enemies

Gold skill

Master programming
War Quadrabot gains 1% critical chance for every 5 levels. Additionally war bot ignores evasion and all shots will redirect to all marked targets dealing a small portion of the regular damage (20K at max)
This still can hit critically and counts as a basic attack, and is thus boosted by any damage buffs.

Platinum skill

War Quadrabot receives heat-repellant platings. It becomes immune to markings and receives a small shield (150K at max level) that reduces 20% of damage received (+4% every 10 levels) when destroyed it can only be retained once for every UAF or KLG, or Robotic member on the team

Ruby skill

Military reinforcements
For every KLG member gain a small damage buff (2K per shot at max)
For every UAF member gain 1% faster fire rate (+1% every 10 levels)
For every robotic ally gain better armor platings. Increasing armor by an additional 50% (+5 every 10 levels)
For every single member on the team gain 10% extra critical damage

KLG members are accounted by having KLG in their name. This includes Black ops, Irregulars and Lawgivers
UAF members includes airborne units.
Robotic allies are: 4Cep, MK2, Galante, Anvil, Chesterfield, and Heckler
Any spawns are included according to their faction
This concept is from the game. It’s a mechanical quadrabot in Wesson’s animation
All visual icons and screenshot are directly from the game.
Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions or comment please feel free to start a discussion down below! :wave:


Always wondered where that only guy to ever lose to Wesson in pvp was,

I like everything about this; (personal opinion I think the ruby should stay similar to default rubies, with minor changes, but maybe someday when rubies get revamped we can get those new kinds)

Don’t know about 2 star, feels like a 3-4 star, maybe a gilded crate exclusive like lancer

Another shinning bright concept mellow!!! Keep up the good work!

2 star was a decision because it is a low ranking unit on the field. They come in quantities and they’re meant to be fodder. And as it being a simple design i just thought everything rounded up nicely to a 2 star
And for the ruby skill. I like to go traditional but in some cases i just don’t think it fits. I like it when there’s an extra layer behind a hero that isn’t just simple and monotonous

I feel like commander and others like Wesson could use that ability,

Still, this would be the only hero too lose to Wesson in a 1v1 XD,

How would he be the only hero to lose to him?

Wesson is just pretty bad, never seen him good at anything ever, except will all his buffs on the final campaign missions, (ps I woke up and can’t sleep :P)

Neat design! Would love to see this little fella added eventually. I could even see a small mini game being created for heroes like it too!

Looking cool but seems like galante
You have out over its head design to make it different

I don’t see any similarities to Galante in either kit or design. Maybe except for the fact it’s a robot.
Kit is definitely a lot different :person_shrugging:

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Maybe if we beg just hard enough like we did with Commander they will add it. The model is there already

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