Hero Concept: Willow - The Jetpack Roamer

Faction: Mercenaries
Position: Midline
Energy Hero

  • One of Kurtz’ former Aerospace Engineers. A genius in his field, he created a jetpack that uses Solar Power and an amplifier to lengthen the duration of the jetpack’s power.
  • He has gone independent since realizing both KLG and the UAF have flaws in their system. He relies on bounties to sustain his jetpack project, which allows him to roam around deserted areas without any problems.
  • At some point, he was hunted by every faction for his intriguing creation. Most factions gave up chasing him because he easily escapes or dodges them.
  • Aims to share his creation to the world once world peace is achieved.


  • A tall, middle-aged, slightly tan-skinned man with Silver Mullet, he has a clean Silver Goatee.
  • He wears an open blue, sleeveless puffer jacket with a gray, long-sleeve shirt under.
  • He wears a jetpack that also serve as body armor, visible from the open puffer-jacket. The jetpack’s design looks pretty used, but some parts can be seen obviously tweaked and changed for new ones, while the logo of the KLG is smudged out in the middle.
  • He wears jeans with protective padding outside, and glowing boots that assist his landing.
  • The boots, jetpack, and his weapon are connected with a blue, glowing wire. The light travels from the boots, up to the jetpack, and out towards the weapon.


  • Airwave Gauntlet: A weapon that goes under the “Pistol” category (considering that Hideo’s weapon is also a gauntlet). The weapon looks similar to Iron Man’s Hand Blaster, only instead of literal blasts of fire, it releases powerful air-blasts. The gauntlet is filled with blue glowing wires connecting to the jetpack.
  • 10 Bullets” (5 for each gauntlet, he then recharges)
  • Reload time: 2.5 Seconds (Changes to 3 seconds during “Airslinger” mode)

Bronze Skill
- Repositioner: Willow charges both of his gauntlets, blasting the targeted enemy and dealing ****** damage. The enemy is also pushed back to its last position and is stunned for 3 seconds.

  • This skill’s cooldown slows whenever “Airslinger” is activated.

Silver Skill
- Air Strafe: Using his jetpack, Willow raises himself off the ground for 20 seconds. His attack pattern changes to “Airslinger”.

  • During “Airslinger”, Willow can only aim, and he will and only automatically attack whenever he strafes to change positions in the field. His attack speed increases to 10% while his reload time slows down from 2.5 to 3 seconds. He will also only reload during strafing across the field.
  • His attack has a 70% chance of hitting the enemy during “Airslinger”.

Gold Skill
- Hard to Catch: Whenever “Airslinger” is activated, there is 50% chance to evade incoming damage, recovering a bullet every time an attack is evaded.

Platinum Skill
- Running Tracker: Whenever Willow runs to change positions in the field, his boots absorb the energy from his running, reducing the cooldown of his skills by 5%.