Hero Suggestion: Willow

I have been thinking hard about this hero. This is a hero who could take full dominance of a PvP match and it all comes down to skill and the power rating, not team composition. If u have any ideas, plz comment below

Faction: Nomads

Name: Willow

Description: A normal girl who has been taken captive and used as a test subject. After the trial, she took off with her newfound ability to wreak chaos. After a few days, she stumbled on Aaron, leader of the Nomads. Willow was taken in and trained to be a professional infiltrator, her name feared by many,

Element: Bio-Chem

Weapon: LMG (Illusive Atake)

Ammo: 30 per clip

Health: 301K

Damage: 1000 per shot

Rounds: 5 per second

Skill Charge: Fast

Skills (Full Platinum and lvl 80)

  • Chaos Zone (Bronze): This hero casts a zone around a random location at the enemy’s side. If an enemy lingers there, the enemy is [Rooted] and is staggered by chaos bombs 1 per 0.5 seconds, dealing 20K per bomb. If the victim’s health is under 30%, the chaos bombs deal an extra 70% damage and the enemy receives 50% more damage. This zone lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Order Break (Silver): This hero blasts at a random enemy, dealing 50K Elemental Damage and the enemy gains a charge of [Order Break].
    • A charge of [Order Break] causes the enemy to have a random negative effect every 1 second. The effects include 5K per second, [Disoriented], receiving 30% more damage, reducing armor by 20%, slowing charge meters by 60% and [Rooted]. This effect lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Disorder Ignition (Gold): The first target that this hero deals at the start at the mission will receive [Disorder Ignition] for the rest of the wave.
    • A charge of [Disorder Ignition] causes all damage dealt by the target to bounce to another enemy, dealing 50% less damage compared to the initial damage. Also, if the target succeeds to kill this hero, revive her to the amount of health the target has currently and dealing 20K to the target.
  • Space-Time Rupture (Platinum): This hero takes control of the arena, changing from 5v5 to 1v1. The arena consists of pulling the weakest one out to duel with this hero, reducing the target’s armor and damage by 20%. If this hero takes lethal damage, swap out for an ally, boosting the ally’s damage and charge rate by 20% and gains 5K heal per second. If the enemy dies, swap out for the next weakest one, then repeat until one enemy is standing. By this point, the last enemy will duel in a 5v1. If the ally takes lethal damage, recover 50% health and swap out for another random ally.
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