Hero Concept

A reclusive Hunter Lays the battlefield with devasting Counterattacks.

Genesis wanted to go to the magistrates but was rejected by Brogan and the other teammates and the Rangers decided to take him

Description: Genesis can lay the battlefield with Blazing counterattacks and powerful heals

Bronze skill: Top Notch when Genesis is below 50% of his current health he shields all of his allies and Regains 500 health while shields are up when the enemy takes out an Allie shield it will Stun the enemy for 5 seconds.

Silver skill: Burnin up when an allied teammate is down, Genesis will get one of the full charged skills of the Knocked out hero can put it to good use to enemies

Gold skill: Knockback: when Genesis gets hit by a enemies skill he gains a charge of Knockback if when genesis uses burning up depletes all charges of knockback and regains health per hit.

Plat skill : Endurance: when Genesis hit’s an enemy for a critical hit it gains a charge of Endurance up to 5 charges when it has 5 charges of endurance it will give 1 charge to Low health heroes and when heroes have a charge of Endurance they will either Heal, invisibility, Shielded for the entire mission Except for invisibility it will last for 15 seconds

Hope yall like it!

I’m pretty sure that bronze skills aren’t passive and the plat seems unreasonable with a shield that would last the whole round

I agree with Yosai. The shield for the whole match thing is a little to overpowered, since only Jarek can deal damage to the health bar. Also, remember, Bronze and Silver are ACTIVE abilities, not passives.