Hero Frags in the Most Wanted crate

Hello DECA devs,

Would it be possible to stop putting hero frags in the Most Wanted crate?

Hothead started doing that when they introduced the new elements (i think).

It’s the Most Wanted crate - you earn these tokens by grinding in bounty. There should be the full hero in the crate, not frags. Just my opinion.



Yes i have to agree on this one. I understand it’s a 7 star hero and they’re supposed to be rare. But getting MW’s is already hard. Since we only get 10 every update. And then to have such a low chance only to pull frags. The more things are put in it the lesser our chances on the hero. We will probably have feature crates too. And grind by events. But really, frags are useless and a waste of the tokens


Oh right, u mean The Most Wanted Crap token. :grin:

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Another addition Remove those 3* heroes from it if they aren’t a new hero just kills the uniqueness of mw tokens


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