Hero Hunters and Forged Fantasy events

Just wanted to ask if the dev teams can talk together about their event schedule? Mainly to stagger events better? I get that events will overlap cuz thats just how it goes, but I started playing Forged Fantasy as I really want to play both. But if big events like the current bounty fall in the exact same timeframe it makes it harder to focus and people will end up dropping one of the games. Bounties on opposite weekends would be ideal, but even just a day or two apart would be nice.


Im not playing that game for the sole fact that its nearly an exact replica of this one but fantasy based. However you have a very strong point. Devs should avoid them overlapping to have more active players instead of having players focus on one sole game.

I agree with you. Having bounty events at the same time is really going to be difficult.

I’ll mention this to their event planners

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