Changing event schedules/too much at once

Our alliance has been talking and we came up with the idea of having only 1 bounty a month. Having bounties, pvp events, and now having alliance wars is all together too much happening in too little about of time. I would like to suggest changing bounty to once per month with double rewards. This would give everyone the chance to not only work on their heros more to make it even for paying g and non paying player, but also up the competition during the bounties and alliance wars. Managing both at the same time has gotten too difficult as everyone is trying to talk about where and what to do in the war, and while calling bounties and talking about that.

I like this part. Please do this. Bounty rewards aren’t even all that good, for the effort put in (at least, the end rank rewards seem pretty mediocre imo)

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More events = less time to do stuff = more time required in-game.

I agree with this as well, there simply isn’t enough time to do stuff in alliances.

I’d like to see something like this or alternate between alliance wars and bounty, but I doubt it will happen because more events = more special offers = more $$$

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