Bounty event 2.0

Since we have bounty this weekend, I thought of an idea.

Maybe it’s an idea to run bounty non-stop, when it ends on Monday we can start a new bounty on Tuesday, it gives us enough time to start it again on Friday.

And we can have 8 bounty events a month, we can all push hard to get a top position this way and show how great our team is.

2 events isn’t enough.

Right now we can’t show how much we can do, sometimes that one weekend of the 2 bounties we need to do other things, this way we can push every day.


Yes, but you have to count the fact that many people cannot always stay at the game.
There are those who work and those who have other commitments.
2 events are good


But this way we can all hit hard, it will help us because we’re all busy, now we remove the factor of that one day.

I understand what you say, but if you have a long week you can catch up the next week.

I almost thought this was Sarcasm but it seems like you are serious about your proposal.

If it weren’t for wars I would have left the game because of how intense bounties are and unfortunately bounty decides rank of an alliance. I am glad that we have wars now and am really looking forward to see wars totally replace bounty event.

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As joke it was a good one, now think about this:

Even tho bounty events are on weekends, there’s a lot of people who’s not able to play or must play every 3 hours in order to get the amount required for its alliance to rank within top 100.

So, your proposal is to be 24/7 at the game (and most important) during laborable/school days?

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I’ll try to be more clear, this sounds like a perfect plan if we review this bounty, I love the mech challenge with my energy hero, it separates us all.

Best way to improved Bounty Event is remove one day and add to rewards atleast half of rewards from Alliance War.

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