Hero Hunters Monthly Counseling

This counseling is to inform you of your performance for the month of APRIL. We will go over the choices you’ve made or lack there of from SSG Menace’s perspective.

PERFORMANCE: HH Staff, your performance for the month of April was UNSATISFACTORY. You did not listen to the community and continued to release content that the community didn’t ask for. Furthering these actions will result in loss of players and or income. Do better

REPOR: HH Staff, your repor with the community is not where it was 6-9 months ago. This is due to a lack of relationship you’ve had with the community in recent times. You had a standard that you fell below and with enough hard work and feedback initiative you will develop a proper relationship with the players, not just their pockets.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: HH Staff, the development of your recent content has been poorly managed. This game is for the community so make it about the community. Stop continuing to release content to try and “spice” up your game. The game was great! Fix the things that made it great and drive on.

Plan of Action:
-Fix gauntlet, make it a quick win process or improve the content all together
-Incorporate more role warfare, everyone’s tired of ronin
-Change up the rewards, skin tokens are becoming obsolete
-Release more skins and stop giving the same heroes multiple skins
-Beta test new heroes like you used to do to prevent multiple buffs on a new hero
-Improve Gorgon Wakes rewards. The community would love to see plat swords or stars or gold fuel cells from it. Make GW worth it again.
-This is the final but the most important point. Listen to the community! Thanks.


Well said thank you Menace

Well said Menace. I too am fed up with their recent lethargy

Probably could’ve stated the same complaints without sounding so condescending.

The devs are people, not 2 year olds.


I second this motion if it pleases the court

And other problems:
_bryard raid and the limit of 8frags, stop changing thé raid, préfecture was good ! 3ffrangments of the New and 3 for an other !

  • chat don’t worked si ce thé last update
  • thé évents store dont worked for à lot of us
    Try to communicante à little more please… Especially when there is bug with thé update!

Repor is not a word. Anywhere.

Yeah, this especially is a big problem right now. It’s hard to communicate the way it is, and with bounty coming within a week, recruiting is gonna be near impossible if this doesn’t get fixed soon.

For all the grammar police on duty in this thread

While I sympathize with some of your points, stating them in a patronizing, haughty way will not get them fixed (specifically addressing your “performance” section). Also, since you joined not even a day ago, I would recommend being more respectful and humble in your suggestions.

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We appreciate the feedback, but try again. This is not the way to go about getting things changed.