Is HH falling down a slippery slope?

As of right now, the whole HH community is in uproar about what’s happening (and how it’s happening) but I think that unfortunately the game has been trending this way the last few months. I have listed below what I think is fundamentally wrong with the game. Feel free to add to it so the devs see this!

  1. Monthly updates don’t serve to improve the quality of the game anymore, but rather to just attempt to keep it fresh (which is fantastic and yes I’m well aware new ideas/modes must be created to keep people playing the game). There are simple, little things that have not been fixed (or added, like emojis??) in months because of the need to force new hero’s or modes down the community’s throat.

  2. Pvp - it has become a mess and it’s starting to feel like it will never be fixed. Everyone in my alliance can tell you the meta issue ongoing or how if the wall isn’t broken from either side by the first minute that the match more than likely ends up a draw. There can be a lot more to say on this but you get the idea.

  3. Lack of communication - ok the iOS update was out of the developers hands but this bounty update was not. They could have at least told the community that this was planned so that you don’t have the fiasco and circus that is currently going on. People spend their hard earned money on this game. The last thing you want the customer to feel is cheated right?

  4. October Update - in my opinion it’s sent the game back multiple steps. By changing the item requirements it made Gorgon not obsolete but not half as nessecary as before. The solo daily raids now can be done once a week on a Sunday and its sufficient. Gauntlet is now only worth around 2/3 the money it was worth preupdate. These changes weren’t done with any foresight. Instead of it taking, for example, 10 hours worth of grinding to plat a new hero, it’s now 3-4 hours. It’s again cheating the customer who’s been here for a long time.

  5. P2W - it feels like the developers are very slowly intergrating more P2W aspects than ever before. Look at how it is nearly impossible to acquire Brogan unless you spend upwards of $100 or are lucky enough to land him with a 0.20% chance on a once off buy of the brogan crate. Another example is this new crate that is $20 a month. Sure you get loads of decent gear/frags but at that price, it’s costs more than what people are paying for Spotify and Netflix combined!

Apologies for the length of this post, I feel I had to air these issues I had with the game to the community. If I’ve missed something add it on! I still really enjoy this game and the purpose of this post isn’t to witch hunt, rather to try to show the developers that there is still time to save this game before people start leaving in masses and taking their hard earned money elsewhere


I agree because you never know what you’re going to get every 7 days you don’t know if you’re going to get a low amount or a big amount it’s just doesn’t really seem worth it and right Netflix and Hulu and all that is less

This post pretty much hit the nail on the head…

$100 for Brogan? Try $1,000, thats what you need to pay to unlock him with Fragments from the crate… if you try to depend on the .2%-1% drop he will only drop once for every $5,000 of gold that gets spent on his crate.

And I agree, the game is stagnating in quality but the Devs keep trying to find new ways to get us to pay them $$$ (Subscription Crates, several gold deals this month, Brogan Crate).