A different kind of Feedback, Plz read Devs


Some of you might have seen me posting in this forums relating to vaious topics, including the discussion relating to the power calculation system. I am a critical person by nature but I am making this tread not complain, but rather to complement the devs on the amazing job they are doing.

Maybe people have not noticed but there have been many “stealth” changes happening lately, and all of them for the betterment of the game. Improved and rebalanced Platinum skills (nightengale, Moss for example). There has also been a DRAMATIC improvement on prize payouts in every event over the last few weeks, taking into consideration much of the feedback being given here on the forums.

In my gaming career I have never seen a team respond so quickly or be so transparent about changes. I want to remind the community to provide as much detail as they can into any suggestions. So far, they seem to be heard.

HH has a very long way to go in my oppionion before it can reach its full potential. However, I am proud to contribute and provide support to a team that seems to really give a damn about its products.


PS: expect a lot more content, including videos from me in the future providing information on H.H. and possible improvements.

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Hi @Harddeck,

I want to find time to reply to more posts this weekend as its been a particularly busy (good busy) kind of week at the studio. I’ll pass this along to the rest of the team as I’m sure they will love to hear it.

We know that our most critical players are also usually the most passionate as they see the true potential of the game and, like us, want to make sure it ends up being the best game possible. We take any form of feedback, positive or negative, very seriously and I’m delighted to see our efforts are not going unnoticed.

We try to maintain as much transparency as possible without it effecting our day-to-day so if there are changes going out without announcement, its usually just due to the volume of changes. Hero Hunters is a huge, living and breathing game so we’re constantly making fixes and adjustments. If it seems like we’re slow to respond sometimes, its because hard lessons in past games have taught us what should be fixed quickly and what needs time to really think through, test and make sure we get it right the second time :slight_smile:

I fully agree that Hero Hunters has a lot of room to grow. Support from you guys is going to absolutely be key in that growth. Its amazing to see the volume of feedback and awesome ideas. Keep it coming! Being so in touch with the community is a little new for Hothead as a company, so if there are other ways we can communicate with or support you guys as content creators, community leaders and influencers, let us know and we’ll figure out how we can make that happen.



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