Hero Idea #10, Effigy

Icon_ElementMech Effigy, the Exhumed Vigilante, has arrived!

Wielding the Biopsy Revolver, Effigy continuously sacrifices himself to ruthlessly cut down anyone standing in his way.

  • A former private investigator taking cases and bribes from the Magistrates, he was killed while tracking someone he believed to have close ties with Kurtz.
  • Expecting to pass into an afterlife, whether it be heaven or hell, he found himself stuck in a plane of limbo.
  • The next thing he knew, he was lying face-down in an alley, amidst the rain and fog. A smoking gun laid beside him, and a pool of blood below him.
  • Returning to the shocked Magistrates, who presumed him dead, he gained a reputation as the ‘unkillable man’, determined to get revenge.

Magistrates_transparent Magistrates

Skills Header

Bronze Skill - Active Ability
This hero surrounds his target with a Dead Zone for X seconds. Enemies who linger in the Dead Zone are purged of buffs and charge skills half as fast. The duration of this skill increases by one second every ten levels.

Nothing Left to Lose
Silver Skill - Active Ability
This hero gains X attack damage for ten seconds. After the effect expires, this hero is instantly killed.

Eleventh Hour
Gold Skill - Passive Ability
Whenever this hero dies, he is revived after X seconds with a third of his maximum health. The time before revival decreases by 1 second every ten levels.

Desolation Row
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability
Enemies within Dead Zones gain a charge of Desolate for each three seconds they linger in one. Each charge increases the damage they take by X% and lasts until the end of the mission.

It’s Not Brain Surgery
Ruby Skill - Passive Ability
Having an eye for pain, this hero’s basic attacks deal an additional X Mechanical Damage to enemies suffering from debuffs. Additionally, this hero receives 10% extra healing from all sources.

Other Stats & Stuff

  • Midline Hero
  • Weapon Type: Pistol
  • Health: 3/5
  • Armor: 1/5
  • Damage: 4/5
  • Base Stars: 5

He literally is un-killable. I assume for the gold ability it’s the first time, right?

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Oh, well, no, it’s every time, so he just has to die as the last hero alive and the mission/match ends.

Ah gotcha! Love the concept!

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I love your art style! This is great!!

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