New Hero Suggestion

Azrael the Deathbringer
Faction: Mercenary
Element: Mech
Weapon: Shotgun
Desc: A masked horror. Disrupts enemy heroes with his debuffs, leaving them vulnerable his powerful basic atttacks.
Bronze: The Culling- After a 3-second delay, attacks all enemies with a critical hit, and heals self equal to half the damage dealt. If the enemy had a debuff, the critical multiplier is increased.
Silver: Impending Doom: Creates a mystic disturbance. All enemies are silenced and deal less damage. Reveals invisible enemies
Gold: Borrowed Time - If an ally’s HP falls to zero, their death will be delayed for x seconds, and Azrael gains bonus HP and regen each time it is triggered.
Only delays death. Once the duration expires, the ally will die, even if they were healed.
Platinum: Memento Mori: This hero gains a x% chance to inflict heal block to the target.
In addition, if an enemy kills an ally, that enemy loses x armor and x elemental resistance. This debuff cannot be removed, and only triggers once per hero death. Stacks
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