Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Hero Positioning

Good day and Good Evening!
I apologize for the late update for this week’s poll, even I’m pretty ticked off because of the power outage at our area.
But thank you for being patient with me.
Now let’s get down to business.

The most voted choice for last week’s poll (which is the Hero Role) is the The General Offense.
Now this recap will happen every week so we can catch up to our progress:

  • Faction - Mercenaries
  • Element - Biochem
  • Hero Role - Offense

For this week, we are going to look into the positioning of our community hero.
Positioning tells a lot about a hero’s role in battle (being a sniper, all-around, healer, tank), and to what type of weapon the hero uses (assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, pistols, a unique-HH exclusive weapon).
Yes, we are THAT specific of our hero’s details.
No, I do not want to skip any detail.

  • Frontline
  • Mid-Line
  • Rear Line

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As of next week’s poll, we are to talk about the hero’s weapon of choice.
Now for some weekly update.
I’m planning to share this poll to other platforms, such as Facebook, Discord, and other categories in this website, to increase the amount of views.
I say this because sooner or later, I am going to need some ideas from you guys, to stay true to the goal of this weekly poll.
I hope to see you again next week!
Happy Hunting!