Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Weapon Ideas (POLL)

Good day to you all!
Yes, college is really getting a lot of my time, but it was also a good opportunity to make sure we get every idea out there.
Now let’s get down to business.

Two weeks ago, we had a new type of business of getting some ideas about our “Special Weapons”.
But for a quick recap, here are our current records.

  • Faction - Mercenaries
  • Element - Biochem
  • Hero Role - Offense
  • Hero Positioning - Front-Line
  • Weapon - Special Weapon

Today, we are to put your ideas into our poll, some pictures and descriptions will be provided for more ideas, although some of these picture cannot be as accurate. Then again, let your imagination run wild with this!

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That would be it for this week!
Happy Hunting!

How is the Slingshot not winning?!


I’m actually just as surprised as you are, I want the slingshot too.

Greek Fire as a primary weapon could be interesting, and works because (if i remember right) its a chemical burn. We can have the design just be an opposite fire extinguisher and call it a day.

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I did hope the wrecking ball would be winning
Would be fun to see one flying around the battlegrounds

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We have a stalemate!
But the poll will be back next week.
Sorry, I’ve been really busy with studies I haven’t got the time to update.

I’d like the plasma rifle to win