Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Recap and General Hero Role

Good day to you all!
I’m back from the hiatus (and 2-week long Christmas celebration).
Let’s get down to business.

In our last poll, we voted for the Hero’s Element, and we also just voted for the Hero’s Faction.
So for the quick recap:

  • Faction - Mercenaries
  • Element - Biochem

Now we are to look into what Role this hero will have.
So far (based on observation) there are several unique roles that can be taken to consideration in this game (Dogface being a glass cannon, Hivemind and Holloway spawning additional bodies to dispose, Scum and Chesterfield excelling in area damage, etc.). But for now, we should focus on the 3 main roles. We will deal with these specifics later on (weapons, skills, etc.).

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support

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Now for a little diary update.
I haven’t been playing Hero Hunters for a while, and truth be told, I’m having trouble keeping up with the game.
I’ve been busy with other games and preparing for a harder college semester.
One of the reasons that I want to put the blame on is Gauntlet Mode.
This is the only game mode that hasn’t been modified or improved in some way, and Gauntlet Mode can be pretty time consuming (in my opinion).
I wish we can use Quick Win Tickets to Gauntlet Mode to make life a bit easier.

But anyway, updates will now resume on the regular schedule every Monday.
Thanks for being patient with me, Happy Hunting and have a Happy New Year!


I completely agree with gauntlet, it’s to worst most boring task this game has.

You need to do this to get the few shards and bucks you can get, but it kills your time, no matter what.

You don’t do gauntlet when you’re going out with friends, you don’t do gauntlet when you’re busy with life, you don’t do gauntlet when there’s just something going on, work, family, school etc, gauntlet is terrible, I just tap random hero’s and finish it while I have 20 hero’s all 10* platinum something in the end extra to finish it.

You can’t skip it cause you’ll lose bucks you need for everything in this game, but gauntlet needs quick wins, or at least know what team you used before, if you don’t want to give your players a burnout, fix this @Huginn