Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Weapons

Good day!
I would like to thank you for being patient in waiting.
Now let’s get down to business.

The most voted choice for last week’s poll (Hero Positioning) is the Front-Line.
Now for our weekly recap…

  • Faction - Mercenaries
  • Element - Biochem
  • Hero Role - Offense
  • Hero Positioning - Front-Line

For this week, we will be looking into the Community Hero’s weapon of choice.
For creativity’s sake, I am going to include every type of weapon available within the game.

  • LMG
  • Assault
  • Shotgun
  • Special
  • SMG
  • Marksman Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Sniper

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Now for a weekly update.
I did an oopsie last week by posting a promotion on other panels of this website, which is against the policy.

Sorry for the troubles I’ve caused, and I will make sure not to make more again.

Next week’s poll depends on this week’s poll.
if we get the Special as the most voted choice for next week, then we’ll have to decide what kind of weapon it would be.
If we get any other choice of weapons, we need to be more specific of the weapon’s design, or for a more basic understanding…
Say that we get Pistol as the most voted choice, we then need to decide what kind of pistol should be used (i.e. Revolver, Semi-Auto, etc.).

See you all next week!
Happy Hunting!