Hero Idea :COMMUNITY EDITION : Weapon Ideas Finals (POLL))

Good day everyone!
Sorry for the long awaited update…
There’s been things I want to let out after the poll but anyway…
Let’s get down to business.

We had a stalemate last poll.
Soooooo, here goes our two finalists!

  • XIMU-7 Phyrslinger (Slingshot)
  • iPi3 Equinox (Plasma Rifle)

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Anyway, a little diary update.
I wasn’t able to play for this week’s bounty because I was moving out to a new place.
Another thing that is keeping me away from the game is the Gauntlet mode, yet again.
I don’t need to explain how boring and repetitive Gauntlet is, but as I’ve read the recent thread about the Gauntlet issue, I’ll be patient for the new updates to come.

Vote away and share this to your fellow HH players!
Happy Hunting!