There are plenty of ideas for heroes roaming around the HH community, and personally, I do have ideas of heroes for the game. However, having one hero, specifially molded from the community’s votes and ideas, can make a difference in the overall perspective for the game, the players, and the devs.

The idea is, every week, a poll will be posted about the hero’s characteristics. Starting from what type it is, the weapon it is carrying, it’s role on the field (offense, defense, healer, etc.), the skills, and many more. The questions will get more and more specific as time goes on, since there will be more ideas that will be presented. This means that it will take a long while before we can complete the whole character. But with enough time, I’m sure there will be results.

-Ideas can be posted on the comments.
-There will be 4 top choices of ideas from the comments (if enough people will participate, some ideas will come from me).
-The winning answer from the polls will affect the next poll as time progresses.
-A new poll will be posted every week!

What do you guys think?

  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea

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I think it’s a great idea and I think we should start with a faction in need. To me Mercenaries would be a good choice.

The heroes in this faction are lone “independent warriors “ for hire. To me a stand alone hero should make it exciting for the next hero and a good fit for this faction.
A stand alone hero therefore could mean self healing / very high DPS/ Self shielding/ whichever combination but an energy or bio leader in damage control/ survivability, for hire.

Either way I think we should poll for a faction first to develop a hero for that faction.