Hero Project (Scarlet-BodyCount)

Name: Rachel"Scarlet"Brooks
Faction: Patriot
Backstory: Born In Los Angeles, she was honest People,Now She was Self Confidence to Show how many enemies there for us

Weapon: Rifle
Type:Battle Rifle
Fire Rate: 70
Reload:1,5-2,5 Sec
similiar weapon hero: Ryker,Elite Rifleman

Grenades: Emp
Bronze:Poinnted- Hero will add marked tp spot the enemis
Silver:Electrofuied-This hero using emp Grenades to Stunned enemy
Gold; Point Of impact: same like bronze plus increases damage pointed and gain buff
Platinum:Lightning Girl- sImiliar platinum plus increase health and faction
Ruby:Time Of the Oath-All hero increase Buff Hero including skills to makes worth


Its Scarlett Johanson!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I love this idea.

Stay thine hand necromancer.

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