Hero Project (Blitz-Hustle Killer)

Name: Mark’Blitz"Rashall
Faction: People Guard
Element: Mech
Postition: Rearline
Backstory: After The incident of Aiport Base, Mike was Lonely because his friends was killed by Unknown Faction, After hear the Incident He never Gave Up, Now He go To the base to revenge the Unknown Faction. He Joined The People Faction because His Friends Knews Kaishi Who has meet each other before incident Happens

Do it or die- Quote Blitz from His Friends James
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Type: Auto Rifle( like Hardscope)
rate fire: 15-45 sec
Ammo: 13
Reload: 2-3 Sec
Damage: Same to Caine but using High Penetral Rounds

Bronze: Instrinct- enemy has been invisible or cloaked, the hero using skills to reveal enemy
Silver: Magnificant- hero adding all support to increase rage and buff
gold: Spotted- icrease duration using thermal to reveal enemy
platininum: Glory for Humanity- increase health if hero has low health
ruby: Justify- this hero recieve more powerful to spread increase mech heroes plus increase health bonus for silver skills


Sorry People i mean people guard not watch sorry