Hero Project (June- Fatal Cricital)

Name: Jessica June Brooks
Faction: Mercenaries
Class: Blue
Line: Midline
Weapon: Plasma Rifle

I was Escape by Hordes of Enemy Klg when i was Escort By Scarlet, Surge,Flatline And Serial in Patriots Faction.but I got Headminded Cause Flashbang by Beck,Elite Rifleman and The Dangerous Leader Kurtz, and i consinouses during battlefield. Klg headquaters are nearly Airport and i Was Taken and Saved by the Uknown which has Loyalist and gave medikit to join The mecernaries
Diary June when she in Mercernaries Headquarters
Weapon: Plasma Rifle

*I decided using plasma rifle because This weapon has Pulse Power Technology, Extended Plasma mag and Futuristic Sight
Damage: 70
Fire rate: 80
Ammo: 50
Accuracy: 55
Bronze: Rattle up: Fire rate to 90 To gets Staggered Enemy, Plus Silent skills enemy
Silver, Blow UP: This Hero gets Plasma Grenade To Stunned enemy in 6 seconds
Gold, Ultimate Nemesis: Same Bronze Skills including Health Increase because if shoot enemy gain health and Shout Up
Platinum: Ignite Kicks: All Hero team gain support like Battle Cry, Increase Defense and Health
Ruby: Cricital Shot: This hero has 20%-30% cricital Damage and some bleeding enemy
This Hero Combine Heckler,Anvil,Sapphire,and Steele
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