Hero Project( RT50- Decoy Mayhem)

The Story Continues After Phaemus is Accepted By Colonel Wesson
For those about her here:
Hero Project (Phaemus -Agile Sky Killer)
Continue The story:
After joined the uaf Faction, Colonel Wesson asks her to Patrol Around The City to search Everywhere, Due patrols Suddenly She found Junk Robot. This Robot comes from Trash near Office Building.After that she take junk robot to Uaf Base to Report that means The robot will Join Our Faction

Phaemus shows the robot to Colonel Wesson to which the best robot is?
Colonel Wesson suggest chossing 8 because design worth more Powerful,Its has Instinct than ever before
Name: RT-50 (Rough Trailblazer)
Class: Energy
line: Midline

Weapon: Plasma Rifle

Fire-rate= 60-80 sec
Magazine= 20-35
Accuracy= 70-80
Reload=1-2,5 sec

Bronze: Tricktster- hero chance decoy to 3-5 to attack the enemy
Silver: Hyper Machine- hero Using spread shot to supressed and decrease effect enemy
Gold: Fusion- hero gave additional round and tagged enemy easily
Platinum:Teamwork- all hero must to teamwork to ellminate enemy including Decrease damage,stunning and etc
Platinum: Duty of All- all hero skills plus more buff and enragement and many more also include tagged

Try to take more time on the skills and make them more usable

OK I will fix the skills

so Here the Skills Revisied(Fixed)
ReMaked-marked the enemy and gave weak enemy
Relowed- Drain health this hero plus increase damage hero and stunned
Clone Fight-After marked enemy. hero chance clone to distract enemy
After kills enemy hero gave health and buff
All Uaf Hero gave increase health and more powerful skills